Why Token don't work?

I have a problema with Tokens in a new Page of my project

Please see the JPEG…

Can you help me please?

Non-indexed tokens only work on pages that contain music frames. If there’s no music on a page, Dorico doesn’t know whether {@flowTitle@} refers to the title of the first flow, or Flow 2, or Flow 3, or Flow 94. This is the case even if your project only contains one flow. To use tokens on pages that don’t contain music frames, you need to use indexed tokens ( {@flow1Title@} for the Title of Flow 1, {@flow37Composer@} for the Composer of Flow 37) rather than non-indexed tokens.

Thank you very much Pianoleo!!! Great!!! Thanks!!

There is an oddity I have found with this functionality. If you have multiple flows and non-indexed flow tokens in the header and footer - for flow title as an example - and you start using blank pages for page turns, it behaves like you say with non-indexed flow tokens - in other words it won’t show the flow title on the blank page. You have to use indexed tokens as pianleo suggests. However if you have multiple flows and blank pages appear from time to time in various flows, you have to use indexed tokens specific for each flow which means setting up individual master pages for each flow, which is a huge pain if you’ve got a whole bunch of flows! I thought the work around might be to use a blank music frame on the blank page to force Dorico to recognize that the blank Page is still part of that flow but the problem here is that you can’t shrink the music frame smaller than what one system of music will fit in - effectively, Dorico won’t allow you to have a blank music frame. I don’t know exactly what the solution would be but maybe just allowing the user to define any blank page as belonging to a specific flow would do the trick.

For my works the indicized token are perfect!
Thank you for your post!