Why track folder has notes in it ?

I’m new to track folders.
I made a “BRASS” track folder with several MIDI tracks under it- trpts, trbn, tuba…
I then recoreded notes into each MIDI track.
Now my BRASS track folder has notes in it.
What’s that all about ? I thought it was just a folder for neatly containing MIDI tracks. Why
does it have notes in it ?
And can I delete them ? It makes the project page unnecessarily messy to have MIDI tracks
AND these folders’ tracks.
Are they an agglomeration of all the MIDI notes for all MIDI tracks under the folder ? Are
they useful for some purpose ?
Inquiring newb minds want to know.


Yea its just to show you where you have midi data going on. So if you have the folder closed you can see there is stuff going on at that part of the timeline etc. Just a visual thing.