Why Wait any Longer

This is from a record I’m producing for my friend Jim Cameren who wrote and is singing.


Cubase 8.0 into MR816x and Mackie Onyx 800R
All effects and plugins are in Cubase 8.

Still fine tuning the mix

Jim Cameren - Lead vocals - studio project CS5
Ronnie Guilbeau - Harmony vocs - studio project CS5
Left and right guitars are a squire strat with paper under the bridge - Played by me direct
Accordian played by Mike Webb
Drums and percussion - Rick Lonow (2 ATM 450 overheads, beta 52 on kick, sm57 on snare)
Acoustic Bass - Mark Winchester
Jim Hoke - Sax - used 441
Charles Rose - Trombone - fat head ribbon
Steve Hermann - Trumpet - RE 20

Really nice! I like your mix so far. Well balanced and understated. As always, I love your guitar parts.

yes very nice recording

Nice, very relaxing song and a nice wide mix :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.

Very Good! I really enjoyed the piece!

Well done!
Nice song, the mix sounds good.

And always great to hear some real horns! :sunglasses:


Really like it. Great song and vocal.
Tasty arrangement. Very good recording.

Perhaps a bit more sparkle in the mix?