Why Was An Audio Loop Created During Export Audio?

Hi, all. My edm song has 75 rendered tracks with 5 live effects inserted and automated in the pre-section of the stereo out, and one effect, a channel strip, in the post section.

When I render the song like I normally do, somehow one of the automated effects gets into a loop and this noise carries on till the end of the song, and even past that! But when I render in real time, there’s no feedback loop (if that is what I’m hearing).

What could be causing this issue?


What do you mean by Render, please? Render in Place? Or Export Audio Mixdown? Could you describe the settings, please? Could we see a screenshot of the routing?

Oops. I meant Export Audio. Sorry.

Addendum: I just obtained a Nuendo 12 trial to test the song. As it turned out, the same weird loop effect occurred with quick audio export, so that means it’s not a Cubase problem but a plugin problem. Now, I just have to find the culprit…

Update: I found the culprit, it was Sugar Bytes’ old plugin Artillery. During fast mixdown, it never stopped rendering despite its mix volume automated to off. I’m guessing its old code isn’t up to snuff.