Why was my post deleted?

I had a question about the top ruler in the standalone version and having imported loops locked to a specific BPM. Lots of views and no replies yesterday, and I came back today and the post is deleted.

What’s up with that? That’s a bit frustrating when spending $200 on a product and trying to find answers and not seeing any info in the manual about BPM.

Hi mbira, I replied to your post this morning. No idea why it’s been deleted, but there was a big website/forum maintenance today, maybe it was lost during the maintenance unfortunately, I don’t think anybody deleted it on purpose. Anyway sorry about that !

To answer your question, you can set the BPM by going to View > Time Unit > Tempo…
NB: This is not saved with the project though at this point - will probably be in the future.
The manual will also be updated, thanks for reporting the missing infos.

Thanks Robin. I’m a long time Steinberg user, so I was surprised-and I apologize for my assumption that it was intentionally deleted. I will check out your recommendation!