Why was the independet Meter display (Master/Faders) removed?

I was today desperately searching for the meter display (color) setting of the master meter. I am now on Cubase Pro 10.5.20.
I was sure that once there was the option to have different colors for normal fader meters and the master fader but this has been removed with 10.5 obviously. I still have v10 and there it is.
Jut don’t understand why this was removed? Not dramatic but anyways I liked to have a little different color scheme on my master.

Pitty that things got removed which did not even harm anyone or anything…other stuff is just broken and gets never a touch again :smiling_imp:

Also I totally do not see any impact of changing the colors in the different scales. Whatsoever color setup I do it is nowhere reflected in the Cubase UI
Not the master nor the control room. Only altering colors in the +3db scale takes effect on the meters. What’s wrong?

Ok, got it now, it has even more color schemes for different scales, but as often, when Steinberg addes new features, they are not working properly, even not in their next maintenance releases. Colors not applied in master meter in the +xdb scales.