Why was this topic moved to Lounge????

Check this https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=18535

My has it been moved to the Music Lounge?? I reckon it has pretty much something to do directly with Cubase and NOT the music!

Or was it just to “sweep it under the carpet”?

With all respect to the Lounge, no-one is going to find it there and it’s not going to build (in absense of a better word) any conversation. I honestly think that I have a good point there. Anyway I can’t understand what it has to do with music in any way :///

What do others think?

Anyway if you can help me with that word that should be used instead of “build” then please help me :smiley:

Feature requests are supposed to be posted in the music lounge. The music lounge is general discussion, not specifically music discussion, that’s the ‘made with Cubase’ forum.

Not saying I agree with putting FR’s in the music lounge, but these are the rules.

Oh… OK then. Thanks for the info. \m/