Why we should support Dorico even with all of its bugs

well said sir !..I really love this software. And i’m sure it will just get better and better. But it already is much faster and easier to use on a laptop than sibelius


I would add that a lot of ill-will also stems from people expecting the program to be a full-on replacement for their previous notation software, which took decades to build. I was actually a little surprised a few times with missing things not mentioned in the official documentation. But I have to resort to the fact that this is a 1.0 release, and to have such beautiful engraved output with just automatic settings out of the box is just breathtaking. I believe version 1.0 accomplishes a great deal more than Finale or Sibelius in the area of beautifully engraved output, which has been Dorico’s primary goal from day one.

Hats off Steinberg team!

I agree with the above. Dorico’s rate of development has been considerably faster than both Sibelius and Finale over the last four years and if this continues it is only a matter of time before it overtakes them both.

It already outclasses these programs in the handling of duration and the facility of DTP frames. I don’t see either of these programs matching this without a massive rewrite of code that would require considerable financial investment.

Dorico appears to me to have much more development potential, and much more development actually happening, than its rivals, hence I think that it is well worth buying.

Could not agree more, well said.


:arrow_right: Yes!

I fully agree with all of the above. Go Daniel and team.

I would like to add my vote of confidence and thanks to Daniel, his team, and Steinberg. I’ve already moved my current composition project to Dorico and after some head scratching the first two days, am now more productive (and happier) than with Sibelius. As far as I can tell, Dorico is the only product that is under active, intense development. We all want good tools so let’s support the best toolmaker!

(I also bought full-price Dorico despite having a Sibelius license)



I think Dorico has a unique window of opportunity in the history of music notation (software), and it would be a very great shame if that window was missed. Steinberg may be investing a lot of money in this but, if things continue in the way they are, they are going to end up with a game-changing product.
Not only does the Dorico team have the rare opportunity to start again from scratch with their application, it also has the chance to take full advantage of recently matured technologies such as SVG, and the latest MIDI standard (the WebMIDIAPI). It is also uniquely positioned for integration with Cubase. The synergy effects for Steinberg are what this is all about.
Lets hope we are all preaching to the converted!

No: I’ve already bought it. I paid full price, when I could’ve taken advantage of the crossgrade.

You can look at it this way, also (and someone brought up Sibelius’ development the past few years)…

Look at how far Finale and Sibelius have come the past four years (that is to say… not a heck of a lot). Meanwhile, they’ve built this program literally from scratch, and already have I’m sure a laundry list of features they’re working on implementing. Right now, yes, SIbelius is a more polished program, but much of that is BECAUSE of this very team, and it’s had quite the head start. Dorico will continue to improve at a very fast pace, I have no doubt.

But the most important part of all of this, and Daniel has made this very clear: They are listening to us. They are working to make this the best program it can be for EVERYONE, and we all work differently. We have options, they’re implementing them, as well as making the program do what they believe to be the best.

I’m glad I bought it, and was able to support them, and I’m excited to see what future developments occur with this program. I suspect it isn’t going away anytime soon, and Sibelius, Finale and even Notion had better watch their backs, because they aren’t the only players in the game anymore.

Daniel and the rest of the team, thanks for all you guys are doing for us and this program. Trust that it is recognized and appreciated.

It’s so clear to me that Dorico it’s gonna be the best Notation program…Now it’s a beautiful thing, uncomplete but so promising.

Of course I’m gonna support Dorico even with all its bugs.

It is really nice taking a break from all the ‘constructive’ criticism on this forum and reading these!

Already planning to switch for our school early next year.


Of course we support it.We bought it from day 1!
No regrets here,looks sooo beautiful,runs fine in my system.Ah,how i wish it was a part of Cubase,it would be a dream come true
Looking forward for the missing features sooner or later (sooner the better)

Supporting them means supporting us.

I’m trying to support them, but my educational verification request was denied so I haven’t been able to purchase it!

I have sent an email to support to see if my case can be reconsidered (I’m a doctoral student working on my dissertation), but haven’t gotten a response yet.

I know they’re busy in the wake of the release, but I hope something can be done as I would really like to see if Dorico can improve my workflow on the types of projects I do (mostly scholarly music examples, Schenkerian graphs, etc.).

If you’re trying to buy the educational crossgrade, don’t forget that you need to provide both proof of your educational status and proof of ownership of a qualifying product: if you only provide proof of one of these two necessary kinds of qualification, your request will be denied.

Daniel and his team did not start from point zero. No non-disclosure agreement in the world can make someone who knows all the ins and outs of Sibelius (and the pros and cons of Finale) forget how they work and where he would have gone back and made a different decision.

This is why Dorico will in the fullness of time beat both those programs hollow.

I am very happy to be allowed in at the beginning. :smiley: