Why were previous owners of SpectraLayers not notified of the upgrade to SL10?

I own SL 9 but never received a notification of the upgrade to SL 10? Why is that??? I did finally find some information on the WWW and upgraded. FWIW!!!

Since the launch of SL10 when you launch SL9 you’re supposed to see this in standalone mode:

And in ARA mode you’re supposed to see this:

It’s not what you see on your side ? Did you disable notifications in Preferences > System ?

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Thanks. I did not disable the notifications and I never saw the notices…FWIW

In the past Steinberg would send me an Email but not this time.

I got one. Check your spam folder?

I checked my Email/Spam folder first thing…no Email from Steinberg.

I got an email. But the first thing I saw was a notification on their YouTube channel. I would suggest subscribing to all the Steinberg YouTube channels that are applicable to the products you use. You get some good content and you’ll be the first to know about new versions.

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Most “reputable” software companies will notify you of a new version. I am VERY surprised that
Steinberg would not do that. I guess they have more “important” things to do…FWIW

For some reason you didn’t receive an email but judging by the other replies here, emails were sent.

I also got the email and I saw the announcement on YouTube and I saw the announcement here in the forum. So there were multiple ways of informing users.