Why when i enter tuplets when i enter wholenote one?

Why when i enter tuplets when i need enter wholenote one i need use size selection halfnote? where is when know logic likely helps remembering thing.

I’m sorry I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean.

Is it something to do with a minim tuplet filling up a whole bar?

yes. and i try my native language with google translator and fixing mistakes.
why do I enter tuplet notes I have to give a size half smaller than what takes the measure ? then entering 1/2 note means whole measure tuplet in 4/4 i mean.


You don’t necessarily.

You choose how many notes you want in place of other notes.

For example, if you want a tuplet with 3 crotchets over the space of one 4/4 bar:

  • activate the caret
  • select your duration, which in this case is a crotchet
  • open the tuplet popover (can’t remember the key command sorry)
  • type “3:4” and press enter.

“3” = how many crotchets in the tuplet
“4” = how many regular crotchet beats you want the tuplet to cover.

The most common tuplets I guess would be 3:2.

Are you. sure you’re talking about tuplets, and not tremolos? Because it sounds like you’re talking about a two note tremolo. The tuplets are absolutely bog standard (other than being far more capable than any other software).

If you really are talking about tuplets, what I think you’re saying is STILL absolutely possibly, you’d just need to use a 3:1 tuplet and not a 3:2 tuplet. You’re also going to confuse any musician you present it to…

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 4.55.15 AM

Agreed, but you can mitigate that confusion by showing the ratio.

it is extremely short one or how i can do one what goes c,d,c and last c is longer and these c,d are length what triplet says and end of this thing is c note what i ited with this triplet end. and i found i need enter 3:1 tuplet. and good idea is show ratios. dont know how else can i can write music intelligent way becouse in 12/8 i all of time dotted notes what eats little point of 12/8 when i use normal notes only like spice. and writing music what actually sounds like 4/4 in 12/8 is odd to me 12/8 point is beat is possible divide with three when you need diving two more than diving three is better use 4/4 maybe opposite cases where you need more diving with three than two.

both triplets played same way?

Yes, both triplets will sound exactly the same. All we’ve done is change the way that time is represented. The first says “3 whole notes in the space of one whole note”, the second says “three half notes in the space of 2 half notes” and since one whole = two half, they are the same.

Similarly all these are the same!
more tup

Good then is likely better use i think this 3:2 way than 3:1 way.