Why whould I ever want to use this scrub tool?

Have you ever seen Scrub in Sony Vegas? That’s how this should work: you slide it, project plays itself slower of faster, move another way - project plays itself backwards. The distance you move the scrub determine how fast it will play. For such a tool I see a scenario where I want to hear some particular parts slower (and in lower pitch) to figure out if it have some audible artifacts, etc.

This tool in Cubase 10 just weird. I see only one case I would use it - to record some vinyl scratches (read - useless). That’s all.

What about you guys, when do you use it?

They used to have this I think… SX3 days… or 4

What’s weird about the scrub tool in cubase? I use it to locate high frequency artifacts in audio events.

can you play the whole project not separate track with it?

Cubase 5 had cool scrub wheel.

Ah I see what you mean, it only works on individual audio events, not the whole project.

You can set up key commands to shuttle backwards and forwards at various fractions of the normal playback speed. You could quickly rock the cursor backwards and forwards at 1/8 speed to approximate scrubbing if you set it up with appropriate key commands.

There was a variable speed scrubber at one time, in one version of cubase… there was even a way to make it stick to the speed. then the stick disappeared… now the utility has disappeared all together.

I think the old style of scrubbing can only be done with a physical controller now, after it was removed from Transport.

In former cubase versions there was a scrubbing wheel in the f2 transport window.
Not much users have used it because it was really uncontrollable with the mouse.
There are still speed functions: these can be achieved with a controller or even shortcuts.

I never used this scrubbing function. There are better and easier methods to find out high frequencies oder attacks etc. in these days.

Can i listen the whole project 2x faster?

Yep, shuttle play 2x, 4x, 8x, all in the key commands options. Set up a key command for it.

yeah, hot key for speed - really convenient, for sure