WHY...why don't preferences port over with updates

It is really frustrating after every update of Cubase Pro to have to manually find my Preferences, Key Commands, Saved Eq Settings, Track Presets and physically place them in the proper roaming folder for the newest update. Why isn’t this automatic? With C11 update, I cannot find my VST plugin folder so my plugins show up rather than the Default folder. This is a waste of time for something that to me should be automatic. Am I missing something here?


Sorry to read that; however it is not the same situation here.

In fact I have never had this prob.

My ‘preferences’/‘key commands’/‘track presets’/‘patch edits’ etc sit in their respective folders
and the new update app (C11 in this case) just taps into those folders.

Hope you get it sorted.


My preferences, plugin paths, recent projects, etc., all transferred over fine.
Some things I can think of is if you installed it in a custom folder, or some file permissions issue.
Other than that, not sure why.

It didn’t port for me this time but has in the past. This PC was a fresh recent re-install that had only 10.5 put on it. It would be nice to get to know what courses this glitch for some users.

From 10.5 to 11 everything was automatically transferred, but I had to do it manually in 3 past updates.

See that makes no sense. 9.5 to 10 nope. 10 to 10.5 yes. 10.5 to 11 nope. I still can’t find my VST plug-ins custom folder

My 10.5 prefs didn’t appear in 11 after the update

Did you install the full version by any chance instead of the update ? Mine also transferred over with no issues

I installed the Update. Not sure why that would matter as if you go to the Download assistant, Version 11 and the Update are identical in size, 554.18 MB

The “full” version downloads instrumentation and loop files and is over 20G. Version 11 and the update are identical but are different than the Full version.
I too had to reinstate preferences. Supposedly though, if you trash the prefs and then relaunch Cubase, it’s supposed adopt the prefs from your last version.

I experienced the following this time: The prefs were successfully transferred when I used the FULL install from Steinberg Download assistant.
Since the files seem to be the same (the update and the full install of cubase 11 alone) all this might have completely different reasons. It seems somehow to have no simple explanation.

I recommend the following: Keep your 10.5. and try an uninstall and reinstall of 11 with the various “versions” of the download. Maybe you are lucky and it works. Maybe it is a good idea to install 11 - then start 10.5. - close it again and then start 11… things like that. All a little bit mystical but all I can tell is: It did not work for several installattempts here and then suddenly it worked.

I hope it is not linked to air humidity or influence of cosmic ray.

;o) Ernst

On windows there could be a difference if the installer is started as admin or not.
The Profile Manager at least can recover some of the settings.

the profile manager was created to transfer settings and key commands to other workstations
if somebody stored settings in a profile these settings will likely not transfer to the new installation
importing the profile should fix this

since plugins and paths are installation specific these are not part of the profiles


there are no other ‘Profiles’ on this computer. I am the only user

but maybe you played with the profiles in a former version

No I didn’t I have never ‘played’ with profile. No one else has access to this computer. There is no reason for me to set ‘different’ profiles

10.5 to 11 transferred preferences for me. I have had this issue with past updates, though. It’s strange that there is no obvious pattern to this. I have to say it’s easy enough to transfer preferences if necessary, but it is mildly irritating.

I’m always talking about Cubase profiles…
Profile Manager…

and it’s still an easy way to transfer settings, it was made for that

Whatever, still shouldn’t have to do ANYTHING when updating to a new version. I never have any issues when updating Wavelab, so why Cubase?