Why Why Why can I not save my External FX Routing?

Same thing here… having a 500 series rack, a patchbay where my hardware routings change constantly, it’s a big hassle having to reconfigure the software everytime.
I wouldn’t mind if the settings were saved with the project, but they aren’t. If I change the settings for one project, I’ll have to redo it when I load another one.

We’re all following you , buying your updates … it should be damn simple to implement such feature in your DAW !
Why is it not possible ???
It’s time consuming !!! PLEAZZZZZZZZZ !!!

  • several beeelion!!!

The current system is utter crap and a serious pain in the arse having to constantly reconfigure between projects and really should have been sorted years ago :imp: :imp: :unamused:

Other DAWs are much more professional in this respect. Sad but true.

I tought this would be added on cubsae 11 but guess what…

I know. Must be too hard to develop. Sigh.


It’s really frustrating. I have to re-enter every single routing each time I open a session. Re-calling favourites doesn’t work either once the connection is used in the session.

I cannot believe a professional system lacks this kind of basic support. I am tired of settings up the multi instrumental setup every time on a 48 channel bus! This really sucks.



Bumping this. The biggest issue (apart from when Cubase glitches and loses the external effects settings), is that your routing assignments change if working at various sample rates. For example, at 96k, my available I/O channels are half of what they are at 48k, so my routing assignments will shift, depending on the project. For studios with complex routing and a lot of outboard, this is essential. I need to be able to have two sets of session recallable assignments, one for 48k, and one for 96k. I’ve asked support for this YEARS ago! I can’t believe something so needed has not ever been addressed. It’s an embarrasment for an otherwise great DAW.

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One other thing to note on this is if you ever accidentally start Cubase up and your audio interface is NOT ON - then a cascade of broken connections happens because it’s all GLOBAL.

It’s so backwards and antiquated IMO.

NB - if anyone has encountered this before - especially where it trashed your External FX setup - you can make this a TAD easier by ensuring that you backup the External Plugins.xml file from your Cubase install (for me on windows it’s in C:\Users\ritchie\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64 )).

Once you have all your EFX setup as close as you can (mono/stereo still a pain of course) - save the above file somewhere safe; if you ever start Cubase and your interface is OFF and your EFX settings get trashed, then you can simply quit Cubase - restore your saved External Plugins.xml file back to the above location, and when you start Cubase again - with audio interface - your EFX settings will be restored without having to go into that horrendous UI.

Anyone that is au fait with Xml can probably go one further and save/copy different versions of that xml file for different EFX setups you want to use.

I’m sure a fair few folks know this wee trick - but it might be useful for anyone that is unaware; it has saved me more time than I can fathom.

And the fact we have to resort to backing up xml files/restoring them, and even editing raw for alt setups should tell Steinberg in no uncertain terms that EFX (and Audio Connections in general) is in desperate need of an overhaul.

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There are many reasons why I like Cubase more than any other daw. There is also a reason you will never be number one.
You don’t treat professionals well. This is a key problem and you don’t even understand it.


Another year and still nothing on this. Steinberg, what are you thinking?

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I just wanted to push this thread to the top since we expect to see cubase 13 soon. Hopefully this will get updated! I’m crossing my fingers. Are some of you still having problems with this? Any workarounds? We need a better UI for working with hardware urgently :blush:

Wow, I manged to make it without going to 12, let’s hope 13 won’t have insane bugs like 12 did…

Same here!
I am taking screenshots of my FX routings and saving them in a folder, only for routing them everytime again and again.
Anyway, this is not happening if the cubase stays open, I found that best way anyway is to leave cubase always open and close only the project (CMD+W) when you are not using it, like that it is not taking extra CPU resources.

I just had to do this for the second time this week. I am SO SICK OF IT

I am so over this, being able to not only export and import my external hardware routing is absolutely insane today. Protools could do that 20 years ago. I am constantly having to reassign my hardware routing on sessions, sometimes on the same session multiple times a day if I go out and come back in. I have over 24 external hardware pieces routed, and it takes forever to reassign everyone of them again, all while having to go back to my patchbay routing spreadsheet for reference.

I am so tempted to drop Nuendo 12 over this…Having spent 20 years in PTHD/HDX land, I can’t believe things like this make me want to go back to the evil empire…I should make a rant video about this…

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Hey, I wrote a thread recently on this subject. In that I show my workaround and it works. It’s something Steinberg could easily implement…