Why Won't Cubase Accept My Audio Device?

I like to use a usb mic/headset to jot down quick melody ideas in various software. The mic/headset is usb, so it is its own soundcard. In other applications, I simply go to the audio preferences and tell it to use Logitech USB headset as sound card/driver. It works fine in every other application I use it with. BUT Cubase REFUSES to even show the device as an option in the device section. I’ve restarted the program, the machine, I’ve plugged and unplugged the headset and nothing makes any difference to Cubase. Cubase just refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the device, much less, let me switch to it. What am I doing wrong?

Cubase wants Asio drivers. Download asio4all. Your headset should be able to be accessed by Cubase through the asio4all driver