Why won't my windows 7 cubase files run on my iMac?

I’m using cubase AI 5 and I had just recently switched to an iMac. Everyone says that their windows files run on their macs but for some reason mine do not. Can someone help me out??? :question:

And what exactly is the problem…? What files from which version are they…?

The problem is that when I open the file, the audio waveforms are not there. So when I try to playback a track of guitar that I recorded on my windows, it won’t play on my mac.

Then you quite certainly have not copied the audio files to your Mac, but only the project file.

What do the audio files look like?

Please help!

Usually an “Audio” folder is contained within the main project folder (Audio, Images, .cpr file …)

Okay so I copied the project file, and .cpr file and it still won’t work…

And this included the AUDIO files?

You will need all audio files from your former project. Cubase is showing any error messages when opening the session?

Would that be a .bak file or a .CHS file? That’s the only thing I can find…

Try a “Back up Project” (File handling chapter of your Operation Manual). Then, copy the whole folder.