Why Won't Presets Save/Load?

This is my first project in 5.5.3 (on a Mac). I used to be able to tweak a plug-in, select Save Preset, give it a name, and then recall it. However, in 5.5.3, I create a New Folder, save the preset, and when I go to load it… nada… nothing is there. This is the case with several plug-ins, including the native ones.

Am I doing something wrong??

Have you tried to save the preset without creating a new folder? Just to see if it works.

Have you made any changes in Mediabay?
Your C:/ drive should be set for scanning, or at least the relevant folders on your C-drive.



My good man! It’s been about seven years since I’ve seen you (seven years since I mixed a project, that is). I’m on a Mac. I read about scanning, but I couldn’t find anything on the Mac side to set that up.

I’m using a tonne of UAD plugins, almost exclusively. I didn’t realize that they have their own Save/Load feature. That one seems to work. I was using the native feature, but it doesn’t seem to jive with UAD.

Thanks for the help. I’m sure I’ll be back for more…