Why won't this Project Setting SAVE?

Every time I work on this project (in Nuendo 7.1.3.), I save my work with a view that looks like this.

Every time I come back to this project, it looks like this.

Stereo Out 7 has the Comped Lead Vocal Tracks. The song starts playing and then the vocals don’t come in! :astonished: I check Stereo Out 7 and it is off again. All of the other Stereo Out Buses save as expected with the project. WHY won’t Stereo Out 7 stay activated after closing like the others do. This is the 1st time I’ve seen something like this. What’s going on?

Nobody else has ever had this issue?

There is an issue with Izotope plugins (used as inserts) which “forces” the Izotope and other plugins to randomly switch on/off, but it seems strange that this is happening with Direct outs. I’ve only seen this with inserts.

Maybe you have written automation by mistake?
Because these Direct OUts can be automated.


I didn’t write any automation for the direct out. But I will check it 1st thing this morning. Thanks!

I checked every single point of that Stereo Out 7 route. No Automation. Any other ideas?