Why would anyone update from Artist 9.5 to Artist 10.

First, I have Pro, so there is enough for me stump up £85 from 9.5 to 10. Which I am currently installing.

My writing partner, uses Artist 9.5. As far as he can see, the changes seem to be mostly cosmetic and cannot see anything to justify £68 to upgrade.

All the new features appear Pro only.
Mix console snapshots might have swayed him, but at the moment, I can’t see any reason why he would upgrade.

Someone convince me (and him).

Yeah, same thought. After checking the new stuff and what version gets what, I could only think that Steinberg wants people to go Pro to make more $$$. That’s ok, it’s their business and they want to make more money but Cubase not being my main DAW, I just can’t justify 120$CAD for a distortion plugin and easier side-chaining, essentially. Artist 9.5.41 will work great for quite some time.



  • New channel strip
  • 32-bit integer and 64-bit audio
  • Easy side-chaining
  • Groove Agent SE 5
  • 5 GB of high-quality sounds and loops
  • Distroyer
  • Latency Monitor
  • Support for high-resolution displays
  • Effects in the Media Rack
  • MPE support

Also ARA support, mixer snapshots, audio alignment, Vintage Verbs for REVerence and performance upgrades.

Nope these are all Pro version feature, not Artist according to documentation.



According to this page, all of these are Pro & Artist, or Pro & artist & Elements.

This is the list of differences, clearly ARA2 among others will be Pro only.



ARA is not at the list for Cubase Artist, I shared.

Hi Martin,
My reply was to what XIII added as features. Not the first list you gave.


Thanks for that. I have sent an annotated list to my writing partner, to see if I can convince him to upgrade. But given Heavocity have a 50% off sale. New sounds might be more important.