Why would I use Cubase over Logic?

I don’t really understand MAC environment users. You have Logic which is perfectly integrated into this environment and it’s an excellent DAW, it has absolutely nothing to envy to its competitors. Why do you want to change? This is the question you should be asking yourself.

Personally, I chose Cubase because it allowed me to work in the two main platforms: MAC and Windows; because my job required it.

I have some friends who only work on MAC, they never felt the need to leave Logic, because it does everything they need.

If you use several DAWs, you will always be in comparison and will never be satisfied, because you will constantly want to transfer from one DAW to another the features of one or the other.

What do you do with a DAW? Music… Focus on writing your music and use your DAW to fulfill that need. Personally, I have no complaints about Cubase and if I had, it would be because it prevents me from completing a composition. This never happened to come until now.

Last thought. If you decide to change DAW, do it and don’t look back so you don’t constantly regret it. However, I don’t see how you could regret it with Cubase…


Well, there are two schools of composers.

You have the ones whom you identify with which stick to your same tools for life, and then you have guys like John Paesano who changes DAW from time to time. Same for Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry,…) went to Logic after 20 years in Pro Tools, with a brief stint on Abelton in between there.

I tend to lean on the latter because I like to change things up. The frustration and challenge in a new environment leads to new discoveries and outcomes.

As a previous PC user (I used to build and sell PC’s for a computer components company), I have found that I will be a Mac user forever - I will not budge on that one.

But for my studio, I have to venture between Sibelius, Dorico, Pro Tools, Reason and Logic. Cubase is probably my favorite DAW when it comes down to customizability, and certain tools I really like (midi editor in the track), but the few things I mentioned in my post and a couple others (midi editor window will not stay open) are just the tings I cannot deal with on a daily basis.

Im just hoping that if the zoom problems and other things could be dealt with, I would love to upgrade to Cubase 12 and spend the next few years on it.

It would be great if you knew what a Magic Mouse surface was! :smiley:

@UncleSasha, what’s wrong with preferring and using the same DAW without thinking about switching? You know, just because Adele and Kary Perry are taking the plunge doesn’t mean I’m going to follow them… Engineers like Greg Wells and many others are called upon to work with various DAWs, it’s part of the job, but personally I don’t know their preferences; do you know them?

You know very well that when we work with various software that are dedicated to the same task that differences are inevitable. We wish they were all doing the same thing the same way, but that’s not how it is. That’s what makes it interesting, each have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to everyone to see which one or ones best meet their needs.

Your post should instead be tagged as ‘‘Feature Request’’ and worded differently, that way I wouldn’t get the impression that you are complaining about things that Cubase doesn’t have and should have because others DAWs have it. There are so many such comments on this forum.

Cubase is definitely different from all other DAWs. If there is anything, feature or whatever you would like this one to have. Make a request and be precise and clear in your request. There is a tag specially provided for this purpose on this forum. Complaining about this or that gets you nowhere.

Notice that you also have this right to complain… :wink:

That’s not what I said at all. There is no where indicating that I think it is wrong to stick with one DAW. There is nothing wrong with sticking with one daw. I was pointing out that there’s nothing wrong with going back and forth between daws, responding to your comment about sticking to one daw.

All of my ‘complaints’ above have been sent in to the ‘feature request’ twice over the past 4-5 years on the previous forum. And yes, was worded differently. That is also why I was bummed I couldn’t post video here because I made screen recordings of the problems from that same time period.

of course you can post video, just not before the forum algo says you’re a real person. see the Forum Guide

what for?

Hi UncleSasha,

great observations. :slight_smile:

About #2 I’ve been asking that for years, looking forward to get that folder structure.

About #1, I’m neutral. I think I like the way it is as many times I open the daw and I’m not gonna save any project (just using control room to route audio from other softwares or using a VST).
The fact that Cubase it’s not saving automatically it’s one less step when I don’t want to save the project. On my system, if I want to save the project, Cubase points me to the folder I previously selected while lunching a new project, so everything stays in order.

About #3 and #4: I don’t remember if that was the case already with C11, but with C12 scrolling is the smoothest experience ever as objects move continuously, without jumps.
I use a software called MagicPrefs, and I can scroll horizontally, vertically, even diagonally, I can click and drag the scroll as I’m pleased.
I cal also zoom horizontally scrolling with the mouse pressing a modifier.
I’ve also an external controller set to various zoom sizes linked to cycle markers, so I can adjust the markers on any project and the zoom follows.
As far as zooming vertically I use Cubase a bit like ProTools, I have few shortcuts to zoom to the the height I use the most, one for the minimum possible so I see as many tracks as possible, one to make the region I’m working on filling the screen so it’s as big as possible.

The only thing I don’t like about the Magic Mouse, and I’ve been asking that for years as well, it is to block faders and pans from it , because I’m ending up to move those values accidentally, A LOT, like many other users.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand your issues. It usually takes me a click or two to create a new project whether I’m using a template or not. What do you find so onerous?

Regarding backup files, I think you can customize all those settings pretty easily, so again I don’t see the issue. I’ve got mine backing up to a network drive for safety should my main drive fail.

I don’t see any jittering when I scroll, so I don’t know what you mean. Maybe there’s a video driver issue or something?

The kind of scrolling you describe sounds really handy, however, so I’ll see if I can find a way to make that happen. I think I can use the middle mouse button to do that, but I’m away from my desk and will have to check when I’m home.

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For easy navigation while working I use:
Horizontal :

  • keys G/H to zoom in/out project’s events horizontally (with the project cursor being the center point)
  • ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom project’s events horizontally (with the mouse pointer being the center point)
  • shift+mouse wheel to move project’s timeline horizontally

Vertical :

  • shift+G/H to zoom project’s tracks/events vertically
  • mouse wheel alone to scroll up/down the tracks

No issues here

Cubase has nothing to compete with Logic’s Step Sequencer, and I generally think the UI/UX of Logic is far superior. The Clip Launcher is also really nice as a scratch pad when writing music… I used Live 11 for a bit and ended up getting rid of it (lost almost nothing on the resale), but the layout in Logic (and Bitwig) is better for this. The workflow for using MIDI Proessor plug-ins is also better, as they can be inserts on the MIDI/Instrument track, so yu don’t have to do any of the routing needed in Cubase Pro.

I haven’t used it for real work, though. I’m still sort of evaluating it. If I decide to, I’m buying a Mac Studi oto replace my Windows desktop for music production, as well.

I will keep using WaveLab. SpectraLayers… oddly, ARA2 is only for VST3?

I really wish Microsoft would release accessories to compete with Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad for Windows 11. Magic Mouse is basically half-mouse, half trackpad. It’s a real productivity boost if you can acclimate its shape/form factor.

Logic also works really well out of the box with a lot of controllers. Maschine MK3, Novation Launchkey/Launchpad, etc.

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I am a bit confused by this statement. I can have my MIDI processors as an insert in Cubase and it requires no routing. I wonder what it is that you experienced.

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Meaning 3rd party midi plug ins.

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I’m looking at it right now, and I’m not seeing it. All I see are the stock Cubase MIDI FX.

I cannot add, for example, Scaler 2 or a Cthulu as a MIDI Insert in Cubase.

One should expect the MIDI FX stock in Cubase to be usable there. That’s not what I’m referring to.

Its the same as in Reaper probably. And I think, this would be a great feature as well.
Basically a track is audio and midi at the same time, so instead of creating a midi/instrument track for your virtual instrument plugin, and adjusting the routing, you basically add the instrument as a plugin insert and are good to go.

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I use both Logic Pro and Cubase on a daily basis.
What is superior in Cubase: All the chords&scales stuff. Control Room. Control Room.(it’s so nice that I have to type it twice). Resizeable mixer. Superior MIDI editing. Note expression/expression maps. Macro’s. Export options(audio). The current implementation of quick controls(midi CC). Integration of my CC121 controller(duh).
Logic Pro has more/better loops and the drummer stuff . Both are nice for quick sketching. The integrated VI’s are better than the ones in Cubase. Also, Logic crashes less often. Good integration with Garageband(used by people I work with). MIDI take recording in Logic is more convenient(saves me one click per take).
If you have a Mac, Logic is a unbelievable good deal. Cubase is more expensive, with paid upgrades etc.

I was start my way with Cubase 4.5. Then I was switch to Logic. And was on Mac about 10 years. But in past two years Apple have a crazy (for me) price for their computers and the quality is not so perfect as well. So I was switched to Windows once again and purchases Ableton and then Cubase 11 pro. In my opinion if you are on Mac - go for Logic for sure.

  1. it’s an amazing and stable DAW. The support is much better than Steinberg. :frowning:
  2. The updates are free! And of course the price is also better!
    Cubase is great but if I will have sometimes Mac once again - I will back to Logic for sure!

I moved from Logic to Cubase about a year ago and I’m totally loving Cubase. I haven’t experienced any jerkyness when scrolling or zooming, in fact zooming in particular is even more fluid feeling than Logic (I it on three different generations of Mac).

Cubase has a lot of extra features missing in Logic which I’ve come to really like. One big thing is sample accurate automation on groups and FX channels in Cubase. Logic really suffers from the lack of this and it makes it virtually impossible to work with automation on sub groups (because everything will be out of time). The mixer in Cubase is far more flexible which is nice.

But the other really big thing for me is that Cubase is far more stable than Logic. That’s the reason I moved to Cubase to begin with, Logic was crashing so often it became almost unusable. This is using only 3rd party plugins from the big vendors developers that we almost all use. I’m using all the same 3rd party plugins in Cubase, without the crashes.

The other absolutely massive advantage in Cubase is the control room. I just couldn’t work without this now having used it. Being able to switch speakers inside my DAW and having my room calibration out of my bounce signal path is just gold.

Yes I agree in Cubase the back up files not having their own folder is ridiculous. Virtual instruments should be shown like plugins on mixer channels. When you bounce it should default to the project sample rate (or at least have the option to do so). Cubase is not smart about remembering inputs from my audio interface. In these areas Logic is better. But these are small niggles compared to the big advantages of Cubase I’ve mentioned.

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Build templates

Not quite sure what you mean there , all the appropriate files are in the appropriate folders in your session , if you want to backup then you can Backup your project to a different folder/drive with everything you need as long as you make them future proof, just like any other DAW .
EDIT , i think you mean the bak files, in 32 years ive never used them , never used autosave , just saved at increment so i know exact what every session contains , if Cubase crashes (which for me is very very rare )then i just move back and loose an hour , no more than that .

There are soooo many zoom options in Cubase , i have a beatstep 16 dials programmed in the GENERAL remote, plus the slide fader on the CMC controller does exactly what you say about the magic mouse for horizontal zoom 'pinch zoom ’ i think it’s called , no doubt i’ll be corrected if not .

It’s totally your choice , if you stay with logic your unhappy, if you move to any other Daw you’ll be unhappy because(of a new learning curve) it doesn’t do what you want the way you want it to ,BUT Cubase is the AUTOcad of the music industry , because it has been built on and built on which means certain things can be done in multiple way .
Good luck with you choice , i know what i would do , i would go the another Daw that i sort of know the basics of (and that’s non :rofl: ) rather than learning from scratch

Good luck

Define your own shortcuts. There are lot of options. For almost everything.