Wich mac for cubase 6??

Hey guys,

I’m new here and am about to get me a mac with cubase 6 and a uad apollo.

Now my main question is, Wich mac would be the better choice for cubase 6 and why?

The new imac i7 3,4Ghz 256ssd + 1 TB sata + 8gb

or a MAc pro 2X 2,26Ghz quad core xeon +240gb ssd + 1 Tb sata + 32gb ram

Thanks upfront!!!

Have a little read of this thread first> http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=25019 of which I think you may find interesting.

Hey split,

Allright there is no looking beyond the benchmark testing of windows. blows os X away.

But that doesn’t mean mac os isn’t perfectly more than fast enough for cubase.

My question was wich mac for cubase 6?

So if I understand this thread right, it should be the imac i7? right.

Not being a Mac dude, I’ll have to leave that for others to discuss, just thought you may not have seen that thread.

Whats with the wich anyway? :smiley:

My question was wich mac for cubase 6?

lol! did’nt see it myself!

Which/what MAC?

Hey Split let’s say we take mac out of the picture for a moment.

Which/what PC setup would you suggest to me. Only problem is I can’t use apollo with PC. No drivers yet!
I already contacted uad for the driver release, still waiting for an awnser.

I didn’t realise the UAD Apollo doesn’t support Windows (Yet) that’s brutal :imp:

Anyway as far as a PC setup goes, I self build so things have probably changed since I built mine, basic spec in sig. But I used top rated components and it’s very quiet, powerful and reliable but took a lot of research to get it right.


If we look at processor’s for cubase? doesn’t matter pc or mac.

you would take the i7 3,4Ghz over the 2X quad core2,26Ghz xeon?


If I can quote JCschild (who seriously knows what he’s on about)

for windows people the best money can buy is the SINGLE 3930K over clokced to 4.5GHz.
this will blow away all dual Xeons past (apple) and present unless you buy a Dual 3.1GHz (about 7k)

sheesh i need to spell check before hiting post…

to the OP

technically the imac with the 3.4GHz i7 would be as fast as the Mac Pro 6 core 3.33GHz. very neck and neck.

ideally you find a refurb 2.8GHz mac Pro and swap out the processor to the 3.33GHz yourself. (i dont like imacs at all) the mac Pro will give you more room to grow.

Apple has not refreshed their line in yrs. a single 6 core windows system would blow away the Apples and for less money…
as mentioned Cubase runs better on windows (as does all cross platform software)
so i fail to see why you would buy an Apple.
for the Apollo? wait for windows drivers… plus i would question the apollo purchase.
i love UA products but i am not so hot on this one… just like i dont recommend a mixer/interface or an interface/contrl surface, i dont recommend an interface/DSP combo…

Yes :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Well, I have a hex-core 2012 Mac Pro and I can’t come close to using all it’s power yet. Stays nice and quiet (and cool). 40+ audio tracks and a few VSTi barely registers on ONE of six cores!!

However, if you’re getting an Apollo, you won’t be able to connect it via Thunderbolt to a Mac Pro. (For UA plugs, I got a UAD Duo card and use a separate audio interface.) However, you can get a dedicated Firewire PCI card for the Apollo so it has it’s own Firewire bus on the Mac Pro.

Anyway, there’s more to purchasing a computer than one item. Look at your needs and then see which model best works for your situation. (for example, if you use a lot of big VSTi, will the iMac’s 8 GB RAM be enough? Will that machine end up running hot all day long? Or would a Mac Pro be overkill for your production an iMac be more cost-effective?)

Good luck!