Widen A Selection Of Bars With Slash Notation

I would like to add dialogue through 12 bars to be spoken ad lib. As the spoken dialogue has no particular rhythm, I added slash notation rather than rhythm notation to the 12 bars.

I then used the text feature to type in the words below those bars. The problem is that the bars are not wide enough. I have tried to increase the width of bars using the spacing but I couldn’t get this to do what I need for all 12 bars.

I’d appreciate any help with this. thanks.

Depending on the context where this appears, simply adding a system break earlier than happens by default might prompt the remaining bars in the system to be sufficiently wide.

Otherwise, insert a note spacing change at the start of the bar with a larger value, then reset back to the default note spacing at the end of the bar.

Why do you not use shift-x text, which accepts line breaks, so you can write as much text as you like in each?

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Thanks for replying Lillie and Janus.
That spacing change is new to me so will look into that.