Widen scroll bars

Any way to do this?

They’re so thin now I have to hunt for them.

agreed. The slider was better.

The screen looks quite neat because you can hardly see them at a hairs thickness! Maybe the grab handles could be made a bit wider?

This is one of the few details about the new UI I actually like so would hope they make the width an adjustable option rather than simply make them fatter.

My God, yes. Please widen the scroll bars! There have been some fantastic usability enhancement. This is categorically not one of them.

+1 to widen.

I’m old. I’m blind.


Are you sure that the actual clickable area for the scroll bars is smaller? Or do the scroll bars just look thinner on screen?

Hi All

I personally think the thin scroll bars make the whole thing MUCH neater, but then that’s just me :slight_smile:

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Here is a tip: scrolling is MUCH easier if you use the scroll wheel on your mouse, instead of clicking and dragging the scroll bar buttons.

Just try it: put your mouse anywhere on the scroll bar,for example the small horizontal one at the bottom right. You don’t have to aim for the scroll bar button, put it anywhere on the bar. You don’t have to be precise either, because the bar area is bigger than the thin line itself.

Now move the scroll wheel on your mouse and you will (hopefully) agree that this is not so bad after all.

I use scrolling but it’s still too thin, especially when working quickly & compared to the previous.

+1 they are small.

+1 too narrow

I never use them, so not a problem for me. Mouse wheel is much easier IMO.

Yeah, if you never use them it stands to reason it wouldn’t be a problem.
Many like myself do & are finding them too thin, even while also using the mouse wheel.

As long as the mouse “target” area is bigger than the line itself, I’m good.

Even though I’m old, and blind :wink:

PS. I seldom use it, so who am I to…?

I find the scroll bars generally too narrow in Cubase, such as scrolling through an effects list, and the new ultra narrow arrange scroll bars are far too narrow, if you hover over them and use the mouse wheel, then the target area is still wide, but to actually click and drag it, you have to be right on it.

I’m on a 1920 x 1200 screen resolution, so maybe they end up smaller than other resolutions.

The micro zoom bars are horrid as well, I was hoping steinberg would use the same zoom bars that Wavelab uses - so much better.

but please Steinberg - make all the scroll bars wider - they should be designed for functionality first, leave all the arty appearance stuff alone.

Part of the problem I’m having with it is when I rt+click on the scroll the Tool buttons windows opens up & scrolls through those selections as well.
The paint fill will keep popping up, annoying & too thin! (or code needs to be tweaked)


Exactly. I agree the new thin scroll bars look great. However functionality should trump cosmetic considerations.