Widen scroll bars

I was working with another daw on some older projects for the last few months. I got back to Cubase yesterday & now I really find these narrow scrollbars irritating to say the least.

Besides this, 2 different size fonts used on tracks (I can’t change either one), drop outs & can’t close the damn thing w/o crashing Cubase is really getting frustrating to use these days.

+1 100%

Scrollbars really need to be bigger. This is a big workflow issue for me.

They absolutely need to be widened.


I guess we have to make an issue out of it to have the devs consider it? Are the devs reading the general section here also?

Any news on this?

I like the new narrow scroll bars personally.

Seriously TOO SMALL… when I have to press my face against the monitor to find them… that’s to small :slight_smile:

Now that I’m using Cubase …half the day I’m walking around with a SONY emblem etched on my forehead because I had to get so close to the monitor to see them…lol


That’s nothing. I had to get so close to see the scroll bar that the video cable got stuck in my nose. :astonished:

Go into the plugin manager. Try to find the scrollbar! It’s not just small, it’s invisible until the mouse happens to wander into the right zone. This is extremely poor UI design judgment IMO. There are many places where this issue needs to be addressed.

However, the name of the tracks is so fat that we need to step back to breathe!

+1. Please return the normal size scroll bars EVERYWHERE in Cubase. We can afford big monitors now so this is not going to a real estate issue.

Agreed - +1 to keeping them thin as they are, or allowing them to be adjusted to suit user preferences.

You guys at Steinberg should be forced to use these ridiculously thin scrollbars without a mouse on a FullHD touchscreen all day.

Wider scrollbars EVERYWHERE please! Or at least add the option to Cubase Preferences. Thank you!

+1 too narrow

+1 bigger and better scrollbars plz

+1 for wider grab handles. AGH!!! Annoying!!! lol

problem is that it was a feature request from a lot of users if I recall it right, most users were happy with the bigger screen real estate.

However, while I understand the need for it, I mostly have to have a second or a third shot needed to grab the the scroll bar, lately I just do mouse scrolling which is a bit more forgiving as I hoover over it it grabs it.