Wider Monitor screens?

Hey folks…

Has anybody seen any wider PC monitor screens, already?
Like 21:9 at 32" ,maybe even OLED ?
I’d love to get rid of the 2 monitor split. Should be a blessing for all DAW workers…
I wonder why it hasn’t come to the manufacturers, yet …

Big K

I have a dell 3008wfp @ 2560x1600 on a arm that I pull up for editing/push back for mixing. It is 30", expensive and beautiful. The U3011 replaces it, i think, and is more affordable.

Hmmmm… strange… I can still post here.

Maybe rather something like this

but with better resolution and not quite as wide…

Aren’t LCD TVs refresh rates doubled now? So I’m guessing they should look better. I mean, we’re not video editors (perhaps working WITH video but…). Might be a good option–and a lot cheaper than a monitor. You could always try it out and then return the TV before the 30 days. My buddy uses an LCD TV as his DAW monitor. It’s HUGE and looks a little ridiculous on his desktop, but he has a lot of real estate :slight_smile:

True, but keep in mind that I need to see my center speaker. So, 21:9 would be great.
If a pc monitor or a LED-TV is the better choice will be decided by the latency, connectability, stand, etc. Frame rates are no issue, anymore… you’re right.

Big K

I still use my anno 2003 3 x 17’’ ( 3 x 1280x1024) - its hard to find replacements - it would be easy to just buy two 23’’ widesreen which would have similar overall dimensions - but I hate to have the boarders of them in the middle… Thats why I prefer three screens. Fine would be ONE very wide screen. But I am afraid that this one would be too high - in the way of my monitoring then.