Wider or re-sizable Description

I’m a very disappointed that I even have to point this out.

It’s another one of those things you think to yourself, why would they not see how ridiculous this is?

I write music for video games and every time I get to bounce my stuff well I can thank Cubase that I can bounce all of my markers in one sweep. We have a very specific way of naming the markers so that when we integrate in Wwise, we know the number of pre entry beats, bmp, number of bars etc… All the info that we need, we put in those marker and when we bounce, they end up with these systematical names for the integrator. I can tell you that we also have a $%?&* load of loops to name this way because we compose interactive music and every single loop is modular.

Ok so not that I’ve explained the workflow, my issue is that the tab where we write the descriptions is way too small it’s ridiculous. I can’t see half of the information I’m writing. Why would they make is this so small when there’s all that empty space around it? This is the kind of stuff you can’t mess up when designing a software. This is the kind of non-sens that will send me looking for pro softwares that know the importance of small details. This is design 101 stuff.

It’s small because… You guessed it, the elements from the info line can’t be resized, and if it was any bigger you wouldn’t be able to have all info line items displayed on a 1080p monitor, which is the recommended minimum resolution for Cubase. Showing everything is important for some people’s work.

You’re acting like this is some kind of unbelievable omission but I don’t think I remember anyone else even bringing this up before.

I understand but the info line is currently displaying everything there is to display for markers in the exemple I provided so it is an unbelievably stupid design. My exemple is for when selecting markers, not audio events.

Not many people bring up the fact that there are no triplets in the audio warp’s grid and that too is an unbelievably stupid design. I use to work with Cubase in the SX years. I’ve switched back to it last years because two companies I work with are on Cubase so I have spend the whole year working 60h per week with it for a bunch of games and contracts. I think I know it more than the average user by now.

I can tell you I’ve already started to look to other DAWs that will make my life a lot easier. One that can export videos for one thing. And one that has stock edit mode. I’m fed up with Steinberg bringing new things to Cubase without fixing what’s already wrong. I did not notice all of this nor did it irritate me at first. Now, all I can see is what’s wrong with it. Maybe switching to another DAW will have me realize Cubase is not so bad after all.