widgets must be created in the GUI thread - problem


I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 6 and when i open EastWest’s ‘play’ i get a message saying ‘widgets must be created in the GUI thread.’ and play won’t load properly. Has anyone any ideas how i can get play working again?

many thanks.

Hi there.

I have recently purchased Cubase 6.

I have the same issue and I only use East West and Spectrasonics software as my base at present.

If someone here could let me know how to fix this issue that would be much appreciated as I am a bit stuffed right now.

Thank you.

Hi. I had the same issue. But I discovered that I was loading the 32bit PLAY version in Cubase on Win7 64bit which gave the error. When I copied the 64 bit version ('play_VST_x64.dll) to the steinberg VST folder (mine is: C:\program files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared components), and loaded that instrument in Cubase, it worked. Hopefully it works for you too. Good luck!