Width control on pre section

on the pre section it would be nice to have a dedicated knob for stereo width

It would be nice but there are a few stereo width plugins that some with cubase that you can add to Pre

That’s a good idea.

which plugins, and what do you mean ‘add to Pre’? I thought Pre section is pre-defined.

Width on a pre ? Ummm i normally apply width after all processing , not the first , maybe im just stuck in my ways

I do the same. Any spatial processing is typically last in the chain here.
I like the idea, but for me, it would be more useful to have stereo widening built-in to the pan knob.

good idea, if built in, i would suggest it to be on the channel strip section, and not on the pre section

‘Stereo Enhancer’ & ‘imager’ , and yeah the pre- and post- sections are predefined. I was just saying that if needed, you can put those plugins into the pre section with no problem

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