Width of empty open meter bar in parts

Following problem: In my concerto I entered the cadenza as single open meter ‘bar’ in the orchestral parts and the cadenza for the soloist with an independent 4/4 time signature (and many bars):

I suspected that this one bar should behave like any other empty bar, however, it is far too wide in all the orchestral parts and not really adjustable (I also don’t feel tempted to adjust the width in all of the parts separately):


Is this the desired behaviour? Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Given just how much time, rhythmically, is being represented by that single bar rest in the other parts, it probably makes sense how much horizontal space Dorico is allotting for it.

You can adjust the width of individual bars graphically in Engrave mode using Note Spacing, either the toolbox tool or use a Note Spacing Change for the cadenza passage, reducing the space required (although I’ve not double-checked the latter will work).

There are also settings controlling the minimum width of empty bars in, I believe, Engraving Options > Rests.

Hi Lillie, thanks for the suggestions. A note spacing change does indeed have an effect, I may be able to solve the issue that way (although that means I have to enter it in every instrumental part separately…).

However, I fail to see the rationale behind the idea that the rhythmical length of the content in one instrument shall decide how much space is used to draw the completely empty bar in other instruments. At least, considering how much music is actually contained in this bar in my particular example, it seems rather inconsistent (i.e. too little space), doesn’t it? :wink:

Anyway, problem solved :slight_smile:

i’m following this thread and i’d be interested to know the best practice for entering cadenza bars. tia

I did this by using a global open meter and local 4/4 (because I wanted the 4/4 division). However, generally open meter is your friend.