wieird noise solved - my mistake. All good in halion;)

Hi =)

here is a repro:

-Drag sample from mediabay to empty halion slot
-Change root key to F3
-Goto Sample tab
-Scroll down and activate Sample OSC Quality to: Extreme
-Scroll down and activate Audiowarp-music mode
-Play the sounds.

-> All playback starting at F2 and below produces a high pitched whine sound. All sound above F2 is fine.


please confirm… thx=)

instructions for audio file:
-Download halionweirdness.png
-Open halionweirdness.gif in winrar or winzip
-extract Wav from pic and perform the test above.


This is noise that was already present in your file being pitched down along with the rest of the sound. To get rid of it, you’ll have to apply a lowpass filter to the sample itself. You can use Cubase’s StudioEQ or Channel Strip pre filters to do that. If you did it correctly, the noise should be gone after you import it back into Halion 5.

hi good Romantique=)

thanks for your help.

but how is the noise only there below F2?


Since most adults have trouble hearing above 16kHz, this big spike at 20kHz in your file is normally inaudible. Transposing it lower and lower eventually brings it into audible range.

Omg, so i am adulting now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should have thought to “look” at the sound too:)

Good call:)

Your discovery is making my ears feel inadequate!:slight_smile:

-cant we just blame it on halion…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for your help and have a great weekend:):wink: