Wierd Cubase Behavior

Why does Cubase act strangely for me sometimes. Like I was just playing a song and I soloed a track and then un-soloed the track. Even though I pressed the un-solo button, Cubase wouldn’t un-solo until I opened up the soloed track in the key editor and unchecked the “solo editor” button. Or I had this other time yesterday when I when I was working with variaudio data and a large spike (infinitely tall) in the inflexion curve occurred. When I moved the note where the spike was up and down, I could see a little orange curve that looked more like the real position where the curve was supposed to be, but when I settled the note back in the original position the huge spike remained. And sometimes Cubase forgets my workspaces, once it forgot all my settings, once it didn’t load the video player properly, it almost always forgets my vst connections when I switch interfaces, etc… Oh and when I monitor a track with the deesser plugin, why is there always a huge amount of latency, even with the plugin switched off, and only (as far as I can tell) when I monitor?

Once I had recorded a section of midi on a track, and when I pressed the play button and played my keyboard, the program behaved as if the sustain pedal was being held down, but when I paused it and played my keyboard, the program acted as it should. My question is, what the heck!!! And I just keep on getting these weird irreproducible bugs and problems. Is this something related to my program being run on a 32 bit system? If it is, Steinberg is biasing its developers to work on one version more than another, and this is not good.

I never had these sorts of problems with Pro Tools. Even though it was sort of inefficient, it never had this many terrible random bugs and problems. What do I do, what option do I have, other than to ditch Steinberg?

Any solutions or help?

I really want to love this program, but the problems just make it so I can’t.

The editor solo is independent of track solo, you can turn all solo off and still be soloing in the editor.
Variaudio can be quirky but generally I really like it (I also have Melodyne).
Cubase loses it’s settings (preferences) for me fairly regularly, kinda scary so i back up the folder every day now.
Do you have latency compensation turned on? You can turn it off temporarily to monitor if you want,some plugins are worse than others.
Do you have “chase controllers” on in preferences, if not, sometimes this can cause stuck sustain notes.

It sounds like most of this is just part of the Cubase learning curve, I hope so anyway. Good luck!

Depending on the settings that you lose, someone a while back wrote a little program that would replace vst connections with your backed up version have it restore with just a click. I think you could automate it too. It may be something you could look up and adapt for the files that seem insecure.

That is really weird that your prefs get lost, beatpete. Are the files actually gone?

No, they just go back to default everything…

I don’t know how Cubase could cause this. Have you ever tried to track down some rhyme or reason for it?

Well the only conclusion that I have come to, because these sorts of things do not really happen to any other software that I own, is that Steinberg is so busy promoting new feature-filled versions that it has neglected to fix the rudimentary problems with the operation of Cubase. And I am not the only person who has had these problems. I’ve talked to other people who have the same problems. Steinberg really should implement a beta testing phase for its software.

No, I haven’t tracked down the reason. I’ve recently done a complete system install on a new (SSD) drive so there aren’t any gremins… It seems like it might be a Windows (7 64 bit) issue but it doesn’t happen with anything else. That said, I have no idea what other “preferences” reside in the User/*/appdata/roaming folder.