Wierd graphics

Ok here we go… I’ve used Nuendo since 1.5 Never a serious unexpected glitch.
Nuendo 6.5 working SORTA GREAT.
I export a mix but the progress bar never moves. So I exit and go again. There is a file by the same name, overwrite or exit.
So I’m thinking progress bar never moved! So I figure is it working but no graphics. Next export same thing no graphics but a correct export file. THEN I NOTICE other graphics wierd.
It’s worked PERFECTLY until now.
Here’s the details… Only thing installed since Perfect is Drumagog 4 Platinum. 8.1 /i7 six core.
Go :wink:

Hm, I never had a Nuendo version since V5 or so where the Process bar moves in EVERY export. Often it seems that nothing is happend - but the mixdown is in process… Sometimes I have a process bar movement, sometimes not. Esp in larger projects it can happen that it seems that the application is non responsible… Not that cool but at least it works though :wink:

Sometimes progress bars could do with another progress bar whilst the first progress bar calculates its progress… Arhg!

Thanks for the reply. So now I’m just ignoring on screen graphics? Been on this platform many years. Does anybody have a suggestion?

I had this happen for a brief time…I was still running a 32bit OS then.
Took a while to realize that it was actually exporting the mix, very disconcerting.
My whole system is different now and I haven’t seen this at all.

Try a different version…6.53/5.5 etc to see if it happens there.

This happens all the time for me when it is a first time mix of a project. After that, during a remix of the project, the status bar works as it is supposed to.

It obviously would be nice if the status bar worked EVERY TIME. That being said, ultimately, it hasn’t deterred my mixes.