Wierd Install Message on 9.0.20 Update

Hi all …

When I try to install the 9.0.20 update I get this message as the install begins:

An installation package for the product Steinberg WaveLab Pro 9 cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package “WaveLab_9.msi”.

Closing this dialogue then produces this message:

“WaveLab 9.0.20 Update installation failed. Fatal error during installation. Error code 1603.”

I have downloaded the Update package a number of times on two different computers with the same result

I have run the update package as Administrator a couple of times with no result (sometimes a fix for a 1603 error).

I obviously have a valid and authorized version of WL 9 Pro. The version number is 9.0.15. 32 bit. This continues to run flawlessly. In all the versions and updates of WL I have done, I have never seen this. Running Windoze 7 Professional.


Thanks in advance.

Try this:

  • Backup your WaveLab 9.0.15 folder, just in case.
  • Now, uninstall WaveLab. And make sure the WaveLab folder is removed.
  • Reboot
  • Reinstall WaveLab 9.0.0
  • Install 9.0.20

Thank you PG!

I will try this when I get to the studio.

Thanks PG …

Worked like a charm.

Successfully updated to 9.0.20 without any drama.

Love the new Black as well.

Thank you so much.