Wierd problem with CI2+

I’ve had my CI2+ for about 6 months and it has worked great until yesterday.

I was moving furniture in my room and had to plug out all the cables from my computer and when I plugged everything back in the soundcard started acting strange. It freezes the sound for a second or so every 20-30 seconds (when I’m hitting play inside Cubase that is) and the preformence meter is at a third and sometimes spikes to full, but before I unplugged everything it didn’t show much at all on the preformence meter.

I have a PC with Windows 7 64bit and Cubase 7 64bit.
I’ve downloaded the latest drivers to my CI2+, I’ve checked the drivers for everything else on my computer and nothing needs updating.
I’ve also unplugged the USB and plugged it into every USB port I have (since I cannot remember which one it was in before I unplugged everything).

If someone knows a sulotion I’ll be really happy!


hi Alex your not using a usb hub are you ?

No, I’m connecting to the back off the computer.
And I’ve tried every USB port on the back (it was connected to one of them, can’t remember which though).

is it on a laptop your using the ci2+ ?
if so what about wifi and Bluetooth are they switched off ? It sounds like there is something running in the background ,it doesn’t sound like a asio buffer issue

Have you tried adjusting you buffer size on the asio just in case it’s changed in some way , 256 is normally quite good for the ci2+

Nope it’s not a laptop, and I’ve switched off the wireless wifi and I don’t have any built in bluetooth.

I have it set on 512 for the moment, I tried a higher value (can’t remember which) but the problem didn’t go away but I didn’t try smaller. Will give it a shot!

what exactly have you got plugged into the ci2+ ,any phantom power or hi-z on on the input channels ?

Just a guitar cable, neither the hi-z or phantom is on.

I know it sound a pita but it might be worth uninstalling the driver and reinstalling , have you loaded anything else program wise since the move ?

I’ll try reinstalling in the morning.

Loaded as in started? Not that I can think off.
I tried changing the buffer size to a lower setting and the freezing problem seemed to go away, but now the preformence meter is almost halfway.

I am using quite a bit of VST’s and effects but the meter has never shown this much before, and the project I’m testing with now isn’t the most effect heavy project I’ve worked with and even in those projects the meter isn’t showing much at all.

have you tried it with a project you usually use and are you on c7.0.5 , maybe it’s a plugin that’s causing the high asio spiking , you could try bypassing or removing one by one to see

I’ll try that tomorrow also.
Thanks for the fast response btw :slight_smile:

yer no problem , hope you get it sorted :wink: