wierd video service message and Cubase hangs

when closing a project and often without any reason even i am getting a message

“video service is currently not responsive
waiting for video service …”

is this a known bug ? how can i resolve this ?

im on Cubase 7.5

Go on, give us a clue about what equipment you’re using and what version of C7.5 we’re talking about here. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. Seems to be worse since updating to 7.5.20.

I don’t use video, so does any know if this can be disabled?

The video services can be disabled by removing files with the word “video” in the file name. The files are located in the Cubase/components folder. In my opinion not a professional way to do things.

Please show some support for my feature request in the link listed below.


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I’ve had this same issue in both 7.07 and 7.5 when it first came out. I never use video at all either, so I’m not sure what that’s about. It seems to be linked to way too many tasks going on at once in my experience (i.e. saving, closing a couple windows and then hitting command-Q all too quickly). If that ever happens I usually just force quit, restart, and everything is back to normal…obviously not an answer but I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s had this problem.

Weird bug perhaps?

I get the same error, usually on project close, but it can come up randomly too.

There’s an issue thread on this:


I’ve had this problem for a while. It’s the only thing left on the screen after quitting. Seems like some final process that just hangs. Occurs randomly. I usually end up force quitting Cubase with no ill effects ( I think).

Update the videocard drivers. That’s usually the case with video errors.

Maybe you’re using a (very?) old card even. Replace it then :slight_smile:

Im having the same issue. The crash will even cause my computer to go into shutdown sequence without prompting.

PC - Creation Station 400, Windows 7 Professional, 64 Bit system, i7 Quad core (3.40 GHz), 32 GB RAM, Cubase 7.5.2, Steinberg MR816x

Thanks Prock, all the files you mentioned are now ‘quarantined’ in a folder on my desktop. Not a very elegant solution Mr Steinberg, but effective. Cubase loads and closes more quickly now and the problem I had with the Drum Editor seems to have gone. Possibly a coincidence. :question:

Found fix with Tone2 Support. There was an ILok issue that they provided new DLL files for. Too Easy :smiley:.

If your problem was like mine, I would go through all your problem Plug-in Support sites to see if they have updates.

I got it for the first time yesterday.
I’ve just presse the ‘‘Abord’’ button and everything went well.
I work on the same project all day long and leave cubase open when leaving my workspace for +/- 2 hours.
I’ve also got a problem with a track that randomly stop playing in this session.

mac os x 10.8.5
Late 2013 iMac 3,1g i7
SSD system drive
16g ram 1600 mgh ddr3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 1GB video memory
Cubase 7.5.2