Wierdness with Battery

For some reason Battery 4 through Cubase 8 is playing any sample I bring in from this point on in my project at +6.0db more than it should and I cannot figure out why.

I had brought in an external sample, did my effects, did an audio mixdown of the sample, then brought it into cubase again, normalized it, audio mixdown, then loaded it back into a fresh cell in Battery and it is reading 6.0db instead of 0.

I went through every page in Battery and made sure the volume of the cell is at 0.0 and no effects are on. I checked the master volume in Battery and it is at 0.0db. I then loaded the sample into an audio channel in Cubase and it reads 0.0db. I brought it into Audacity and it read 0.0db. I then loaded another sample into Battery and it is reading 6.0db. Arg! I changed the output of the cell in Battery to another channel, still 6.0db. I delete the cell, make a new cell, load the sample and send it to channel 1/2, still 6.0db.

This is killing me. What could be the problem?


After 5 hours, I discovered there were actually 2 midi notes at C# at the same time and length. How that happened, I have no idea. The midi editor doesn’t make this obvious. I wonder if anything can be done to prevent that mistake in the future.

This has caught me out more than a few times. If you highlight your MIDI in the editor, right-click>functions>remove doubles should keep you right.