Wifi dongle

I have a computer from 2015. A stationary I7 intel, with msi mainboard, intel chipset and amd graphic card. I have been using LAN, but now that I moved I need to use wifi. I bought a Linksys WUSB6300 dongle with usb 3 connection. I see most people with latency problems always suggest disable your internet connection. I never had problems via LAN, is there actually some usb wifi that don’t give latency problems? normally without the usb wifi is between 50-90 while I have it plugged in it goes from 120 - 350 according to Latency Mon

Hi hope my reply helps, in my own experience WIFI tech always lose some speed and it will cause high latency and of course it will varies if there’s some interference, I haven’t heard a wifi that has same latency same to LAN network. I do some gaming in my free time and using WIFI is a terrible choice even I’m only 2 feet away from my router I feel the LAG so I always use a LAN cable and it’s a better choice in my case.

I need help the same question please!!!

I gave up. I managed to get a LAN cable inside my wall from my router to my studio room. it is strange, I get a bit lower latency with a LAN cable than with no internet :smiley: