Wifi is hit or miss


I’ve been trying to export and import via wifi over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. My web browser connects to cubasis server but then is looses the connection. I have to restart wifi server several times or quit the app and restart a couple of times before it connects again. Then i have to download quickly before it looses the signal again. I’ve tried this with the ipad even as close to right beside my router. Still hit and miss.

I know you can connect via itunes on your computer but all you get are folders so if i want to download a mix of a song, I have to download the whole mixdown folder. Not good. Any other work around?

Hi Akamarko,

I have the same experience: at one wifi-network it doesn’t work at all, at an other, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

However, my notebook has Intel wifi hardware that can be configured as an access point. In that case it works well. Please note that this is not the same as an ad hoc connection.

If you can, try this.


I’m still getting hit or miss wifi. If I turn on the server and launch the browser quick enough I can download/upload what’s needed but often have to fiddle a bit. I just have the one computer and router so I can’t really try another method. It’s not a deal breaker for me, just a minor annoyance. Thanks for your input.

When you have wifi connection problems and you have an all-in-one modem of your Internet provider, be sure that it supports the Apple Bonjour protocol. Normally they don’t. If not, things will not work (properly).

Consider to disable the internal wifi access point and connect an external one. For example the Apple Express. I did, and now the wifi connection with Cubasis and my Windows computer works fine!

Get ifunbox app… Free and allows to to browse all app folders on your device :slight_smile:

Can’t find the app in the AppStore. Also not sure I understand how this replaces the Wifi file transfer option? Please explain. Thanks.

It’s a download for a PC or Mac. That gives a file browser like interface to the iPad when it’s connected. I have the PC version installed and don’t find it that much more useful than just using iTunes app file share.