Wifi Server in cubasis 3

Is there any chance, to get back the wifi server functionality from Cubasis2 in Cubasis3?


Hi Hagen,

Thank you for your message.

Since the iPad itself nowadays comes with many option to access and transfer files in various ways, the Wifi Server option is no longer supported.

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Wifi server on Cubasis2 was great!
How can I transfer my Mixdowns or my Export Zipfiles as fast on my cubase Pc via Ipad?

What I want to say: the Wifi Server meant it was a 1step process to transfer files from Cubasis to Cubase Pc!!!
Please!! And, by the way, it would be good for the marketing as well, I believe most Cubasis users didnt know about this fantastic feature! And it still is better than all the processes via Apple… Please, think it over!

I too was sad to see the lack of the WiFi Server feature missing from Cubasis 3. If I used Mac, it wouldn’t be too bad using AirDrop. but I use PC now and WiFi Server was the best / simplest way to transfer projects to my Nuendo setup. Please bring it back.

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