WiggleSawtooth Glyph-Line Question

Hi, I need to input a Sawtooth Waveform symbol, which according to the SMuFL reference (see bottom) can be accomplished by simply repeating the wiggleSawtooth glyph. However, in reality, this symbol shows a triangle form rather than a sawtooth. Is there any way to make a Sawtooth?


If you use wiggleSawtoothNarrow and change the style from regular to italic, does that make it any closer to what you want?

You mean inputting as a text object, right? It’s a good suggestion, but the result is not near enough, sadly. I’ll try working a little bit with that option, though. Maybe I get somewhere. Thanks.

This is what I get if I use this symbol ⩘

I found it on ISOTECH

As the screenshot should show, the font is Helvetica, style is Regular, point size is 24, Letter Spacing is -5.0.

Other fonts might give a different amount of slant, thickness, etc.

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That’s some great thinking there, thanks! I’ll try a couple different fonts (avenir next condensed already gave me a nice slope)
Thanks very much!

You could also try adjusting the amount of font stretch (the field to the immediate right of the point size box).