Wiil cubase 12 be fixed or is this the end?

Since updating to Cubase 12 from 11. Talking about 12 some old files open and work and some just open and crash. Its been weeks now and this program ended my music production on cubase… I make new music and try to open later and it crashes… NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR CUBASE 12… HOPE THEY FIX IT…

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This is the End
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end


Channeling Jim Morrison? I like.

Cubase 12 will be for sure remembered for a long time :joy:

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The next 12.0.30 update, possibly in June, will fix many of the current issues.

However, we’ll probably have to wait for 12.5 to get full stability.

Be patient!

However, if you’re not ready to wait, there are plenty of other DAWs that can meet your needs. So, it’s up to you to decide. For me, it’s Cubase forever anyway.


This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Cubase, and will soon see the end of the rebellion.

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Wake me when it gets fixed. More often than not, a new freeze.dmp file is created, I send it to Steinberg and move on. Don’t know what it means in the overall scheme of things, but if I have a day where my patience has run out, I just work in C11. So there.

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Hi Swanjay . . . other DAWs I use have a crash dump file you can send to tech support, so they can respond and let you know why your projects are crashing . . . is this not the case for Cubase ?

So in other words they are holding us hostage to the fact that we paid to upgrade and cannot use the product until 12.5 comes out, in which case they will ask for more money? Got it.

I’ve been a Cubase user for nearly 20 years. I do not have the time to learn a new DAW at this point in my career. I certainly do not have time to learn a new DAW and write a new track in less than 16 hours, which is when the opportunity that I have been waiting years for expires.

Yeah !!!and shortly after that it will be unlucky 13 :fearful:

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Ha! Ha!!! unlucky 13, hope not. I like your sense of humor…

In fact, for my part, despite some crashes at startup and some anomalies here and there, Cubase 12.0.20 is relatively stable. I’m working on a few mixes and personal pieces without encountering any significant problems. In general, things work well. I hope version 12.0.30 will fix the small things that annoy me.

Hi Rene
I am the same as you , not much wrong at the moment ,only the outputs in output and Control room .
I disengage and re-engage the Monitor 1 and 2 and the peak meter goes down to just under half way as opposed to keep hitting the red on certain sounds. My little workaround for the now.
It is just annoying seeing meters keep going red and staying there.

Are you Windows or Mac? This seems to be a crucial question when looking at issues. If Windows, just make sure you’ve updated the firmware on your machine and done Windows Updates, and updated Cubase to the latest version.

I am on windows

There is the key command Meters>Meters Reset. I use Shift+Esc

Red meters …

Is it a meter issue only?

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By the way, if someone has an particular issue with, or a question about Cubase, starting a new topic is best – both for the person who posts, and for future users who arrive using the forum search or an external search engine.

At the x.5 update, Steinberg always makes the consumer purchase the upgrade. As SwanJay stated, users are spending more time tinkering, dealing with stalls, crashes and reinstalls than they are producing music.

During a brief interlude when Cubase 12 was working, I opened and saved over my old projects made with earlier versions of Cubase. That was a big mistake. Cubase is right now spinning in the background when I asked it do load in 10 empty midi tracks so I could start working on a drum kit riff. It’ll never get done today as all my energy so far has been on looking up if this is a bug or is it just me.

Closed Cubase down after about 15 minutes of it spinning its wheels to load in the empty Midi tracks. Guess I’ll reload in Cubase 11 which had a great deal of stability. I’m done with Cubase 12 and perhaps Steinberg in general.
20 minutes later: e-Licenser says I don’t have a Cubase 11 purchase :angry: :skull:
Looking at Ableton Live as soon as I can figure out how its step input feature works, does not appear to automatically advance while notes are being inputted.
It ain’t me. Regards, Ray

It Ain’t Me Babe
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Leave at your own chosen speed
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So I have to consider myself lucky, because Cubase doesn’t give me too much trouble. Be a little patient, things will end up working as before.

Steinberg has made a big change with its new licensing system. They will surely refocus on their biggest seller, Cubase. Updates incorporating new functionalities or features always seem to cause some problems for a number of users. There are so many possible configurations out there that it is impossible for everything to be perfect. But of course, we don’t want to be among those whose everything goes wrong.

Ableton Live is an interesting choice. I have the 11 Lite version which is very limited, but which allows me to understand how the software works. I really like. It is quite possible that at some time I might have made this choice.

I like the lyrics of the text, there is something very interesting there. You should make a song out of it.

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For everyone having issues with C12 there are a lot of users just getting on with making music. I have not had any real issues with C12 and have been working on past projects without any crashes, freezes or other unpleasantness. I have had a few plugin issues that were solved with an update. I do try to keep on top of updates. I am running on Windows 10, so I don’t know if there might be issues with that. I must say in recent years Cubase has been really solid for me.