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This Wiki was created in order to inventory the issues present in the current version of Cubase, and to help make them visible to everyone, and especially, developers.
There is also a section dedicated to feature requests.

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The main goal of this Wiki is to have a lot of users to test the listed issues, and confirm when the issue has been reproduced successfully.
Most of the issues listed here do not take more than a few minutes to investigate, so please do it !
The time you spend will be greatly appreciated !
The more people confirm, the faster the issues will be fixed.

However, if you want to confirm or comment on a particular issue or feature request, please follow the links and do that on the corresponding topics, not on the Wiki.

As a Wiki, everyone can edit this post to add new entries, and eventually modify existing ones, for example if you are experiencing an issue on a different OS than the one already indicated, just add it to the corresponding issue.

When Cubase receives an update, it would be much appreciated that all of the issues get thoroughly tested in order to see if an issue has indeed been fixed and change the “NO” quote to “YES”. This has to be done by multiple and experimented users, because if only one single person “fails” to follow the reproduction sequence properly, it does not mean that the issue has been fixed. Thanks for your understanding.

Important :

  • Please avoid adding issues that are already known and frequently monitored by the Steinberg staff (they have a Steinberg logo next to their profile picture), in particular performance related and other sporadic issues. To prevent this, use the Search functionality.

  • Instead, prefer posting very specific issues that anyone can easily reproduce by following precise steps. The issue should not take more than a few minutes to reproduce.

  • Do not add issues related to your own configuration, drivers, or anything external to Cubase.

  • You cannot reply to this post. If you want to add or update an issue, edit this post directly.

  • If Steinberg acknowledges the issue after its addition to the WIKI, please do not delete it ! We must first confirm that it has been fixed, if that takes a long time.

  • Additionally, fixed issues should never be removed in any way, they must stay there as a reference for people who haven’t made the maintenance update yet, or for users of previous versions.

Before making any editing, I highly recommend to learn about Markdown and HTML syntax, although here it is quite basic. Just follow the same layout.

Good bug testing !


Issue # Fixed Severity OS Description and Link
1 :x: NO Major Windows Splitting an Audio Event before its Snap Point makes the newly created Events to have their Snap Points at the end.
Link : Splitting before Snap Points issue
2 :x: NO Major Windows Toggling Musical Mode on Events whose Snap Points are at the end makes them move away from their original position.
Link : Musical Mode : Snap Point offset issue
3 :x: NO Major Windows Using real-time Pitch or Time processing leads to processing inconsistencies between two identical audio files.
Link : Phase/Processing issue with Transpose, Time stretching and AudioWarp
4 :x: NO Major Windows Toggling Solo on Folder Tracks that contain MIDI Tracks causes MIDI Chase to retrigger the notes even though they are already playing.
Link : MIDI Chase issue with Folder Tracks
5 :x: NO Major Windows In Frequency, tweaking bands Gain when Auto Listen is enabled causes a long delay before hearing the actual gain change.
Link : Frequency : Auto Listen, Gain change delay
6 :x: NO Minor Windows In Frequency, the dynamic Start curve isn’t properly removed from the graph when the Dynamics section is disabled.
Link : Frequency : Dynamics Start curve visual bug
7 :x: NO Minor Windows Hiding channels that are snapped to the left and right zones of the Lower Zone MixConsole does not hide those channels
Link : Cannot hide pinned channels in Lower Zone MixConsole (the post is from 2018…)
8 :white_check_mark: YES
Minor MAC only Interpolate Audio Waveforms is locked to the enabled state even when the box is not ticked.
Link : Interpolate Audio Waveforms cannot be disabled
9 :white_check_mark: YES
Major Windows When Interpolate Audio Waveforms is enabled, manipulating the Lower Zone Editor makes the waveform lose its smooth state and causes performance issues when zooming on trimmed parts.
Link : Smooth Waveform Drawing isn’t stable in the Lower Zone Editor
10 :x: NO Minor Windows Scrolling vertically with the mouse wheel in the VariAudio Window is massively slower compared to C11 or the MIDI editor in C12.
Link : Scrolling in VariAudio is broken/slower
11 :x: NO Minor Windows Sample Editor resets Windows Layout and Left-zone Inspector has to be re-opened every time when opening the Sample Editor Window when “Definition” Tab is active.
Link : Sample Editor not saving Window Layout
12 :x: NO Major MAC Enabling GPU Acceleration can make text to change font and become illegible.
Link : GPU Acceleration causes text to be illegible
13 :x: NO Major MAC
Shuttle Play Speed isn’t working properly with MIDI Remote.
Link : Video showing the race using the new midi remote scripts
14 :x: NO Major Windows Transpose Palette doesn’t nudge notes by an octave when pitch visibility filtering is enabled.
Link : Transpose Palette + visibility filtering bug
15 :x: NO Minor Windows On projects with time signature changes, when editing notes on the pianoroll, the chord assistant is not aligned with the position on the song but perhaps on a logical 4/4 position on the song.
Link : missing (not added by user, cannot find such a post in the forums)
16 :x: NO Minor MAC
Pitch Shift Processing window exhibits graphical issues when MPEX algorithms are selected.
Link : Pitch Shift Processing visual bug
17 Moved to Feature Requests
N° 29
Missing popup window when editing automation with range tool or the displayed handles between two automation points.
Link : No Pop up window with dB values when changing automation
18 :x: NO Minor MAC
Moving of multiple events by dragging them is not possible if incompatible tracks or automation/take lanes are in between.
Link : Dragging events keep track offset and can’t be dropped
19 :x: NO Major MAC
Legato does not apply overlap when the notes ends are at the same location as the following notes starts.
Link : Midi editing : Legato bug
20 :white_check_mark: YES
Minor MAC
Smooth Waveform Drawing causes the silence lines to be displayed thicker.
Link : Thick silence lines
21 :x: NO Minor Windows The Pin function isn’t working for the instrument part of the track Inspector.
Link : Inspector Pin not working on instrument part (the post is from 2016…)
22 :x: NO Minor MAC
Find Track/Channel doesn’t work for folder tracks.
Link : BUG: Find Track/Channel does not work for folder tracks
23 :x: NO Major Windows Sliding the content of muted Events is not possible.
Link : Slide on muted event bug
24 :white_check_mark: YES
Minor MAC
Quick Controls make plugins to display larger / have blank borders on their sides.
Link : Plugin window too wide
25 :white_check_mark: YES
Major Windows Selecting a VariAudio edited event as the reference for Audio Alignment can display an error message.
Link : Error message with Audio Alignment
26 :white_check_mark: YES
Major Windows Standard-Custom Algorithm cannot be selected when Cubase language is set to Portuguese
Link : Algorithm selection issue
27 :white_check_mark: YES
Minor Windows Measure lines become cut off when scrolling through the project by using the vertical scrolling bar.
Link : Vertical scrolling bar issue
28 :white_check_mark: YES
Minor Windows Toggling to Single view in Frequency causes the controls on top of the window to lose their content.
Link : Frequency : Graphical bug with Single view
29 :x: NO Minor Windows Event selection is independant between the two track lists and can cause issues when Track Selection follows Event Selection is enabled
Link : Track list event selection issue
30 :x: NO Major Windows Automation isn’t following the event when Shuffle snap is enabled
Link : Automation not following in Shuffle Snap
31 :x: NO Minor Windows Certain tabs of the Lower Zone Editor get closed when toggling Musical Mode.
Link : Lower Zone Editor : Musical Mode bug
32 :x: NO Minor Window The VariAudio view can vertically scroll on its own when resizing the Editor window.
Link : VariAudio window resize bug
33 :x: NO :warning: Severe MAC
The Keep Current Project Active Backup option also saves the current project and can cause data loss if you don’t have backup saves.
Link : Backup can cause data loss
34 :x: NO Minor Windows Some words are cropped in the Recording Modes descriptions.
Link : Cropped text in Recording Modes dialog
35 :x: NO Minor Windows Automation and Takes Lanes names and controls get cropped at minimum Track Height.
Link : Cropped content at minimum track height
36 :x: NO Major Windows MIDI CC curve nodes transmit discontinuities in tracks with track delays.
Link : Negative Delay CC Curve Issue (with example project)
37 :white_check_mark: YES
Minor MAC
Selecting another tool after using the Time Warp tool reverts the ruler unit to Seconds.
Link : Time Warp tool : Ruler issue
38 :x: NO Major Windows Automatic Delete Overlap preference does not work when dropping an event onto a crossfade.
Link : Delete Overlaps crossfade issue
39 :x: NO Major Windows Macros can trigger PLE events faster than Cubase can successfully process them producing unreliable results.
Link : PLE functions ~STILL~ too fast, cause inconsistent behavior
40 :x: NO Major MAC
Dragging MIDI notes from an Instrument Track to any existing MIDI or Instrument Track is prohibited.
Link : Cannot drag MIDI notes from an Instrument Track to existing tracks
41 :x: NO Minor MAC
Replace Record Mode causes the recording Event to disappear when Cycle is enabled.
Link : Replace record mode + Cycle graphical issue
42 :x: NO Minor MAC
Blank news hub with C12 (elicenser issue)
Link :Blank news hub with C12
43 :x: NO Major Windows Vingage quality in Sampler Control takes over AudioWarp mode.
Link : Sampler Control Vingage + AudioWarp bug
44 :x: NO Major Windows Sample Editor Definition tab resets the waveform Vertical Zoom level when selecting Events
Link : Definition tab zoom reset bug
45 :x: NO Minor Windows Toggling Musical Mode can cause the Sample Editor to perform a zoom out under specific circumstances.
Link : Sample Editor + Musical Mode zoom out bug
46 :x: NO Major Windows The scrollbar is missing from the sample editor Inspector, and we cannot scroll with the mouse wheel either.
Link : Sample Editor Inspector missing scrolling functions
47 :x: NO Minor Windows Instrument and Sampler Track no longer reflect Muted state upon enabling the track.
Link : Vst Instrument bug?
48 :x: NO Minor Windows Hovering above value numbers with the AudioWarp Edit tool in the Sample Editor makes them get erased.
Link : AudioWarp Edit tool erases text in Sample Editor
49 :x: NO Major Windows Foreground Clip in Sample Editor is no longer transparent (compared to Cubase 11) and makes aligning tasks more difficult.
Link : Opaque foreground Clip
50 :x: NO Major Windows Stretching the waveform with the Free Warp tool causes it to be displayed improperly at various zoom levels.
Link : Free Warp waveform stretch issue
51 :x: NO Major Windows Lower Zone Sample Editor Inspector Tabs get closed automatically when doing specific actions.
Link : Sample editor closing tabs bug
52 :x: NO Major MAC
In the Project Window, MIDI notes appear larger than what they actually are and look not quantized even though they are in the Key Editor.
Link : MIDI notes too big in Project Window
53 :x: NO Major Windows Clicking the value fields in VariAudio settings can crash Cubase when editing split Events that share the same data.
Link : VariAudio makes Cubase crash

Feature Requests

Request # Added Description and Link
1 :x: NO Add a setting to enable short audio fades when hitting Play and Stop to remove the clicks.
Link : Playback automatic fades
2 :x: NO Make it possible to Variaudio edit multiple audio events, but just the active ones, like it was one big event.
Link: Variaudio: tuning multiple events, is there a more easy way?
3 :x: NO Allow click and drag reordering of tracks in console view.
Link : How to change the order of tracks in the mixer
4 :x: NO Using the mouse wheel to scroll through the MixConsole no longer change parameter values when the pointer is hovering over controls.
Link : Mouse wheel navigation in MixConsole
5 :x: NO A more robust procedure for resetting activations. Users report waiting weeks having to go through the support ticket route when frozen out of the software, sometimes with no assistance.
Links: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4
6 :x: NO Make it possible to Hitpoint edit (i.e. set threshold/intensity of) multiple audio events and multiple tracks at once. Preferable everything in the quantize window.
Link: Setting hitpoints of multitrack drum recording (+multiple takes/events)
7 :x: NO Let us link Variaudio edit lower zone and project window, like it is possible with the midi editor lower zone.
Link: Lining up Lower Zone with Track in “Upper Zone”?
8 :x: NO Implement some sort of sandboxing, so that a crashed plugin does not crash cubase anymore. Which leads to a much more stable application and reduces troubleshooting by a wide margin.
Link: Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection)
9 :x: NO Gapless Audio engine (i.e. when adding/removing tracks, plugins).
Link: Proper audio engine: Gapless Audio!
10 :x: NO Ability to globally disable track monitoring and/or recording flags.
Link: State Buttons: Ability to disable all monitoring and/or recording
11 :x: NO ADD More Headphone Cues in Control Room
Link: More Control Room Cues
12 :x: NO Add pinch to zoom on apple trackpad
Link: Cubase 12 - Pinch to zoom with Apple trackpad not working?
13 :x: NO Make it possible to draw automation directly on the audio track (clip gain/improved pencil tool
Link: Clip gain - audio track automation lane on top of events
14 :x: NO Add a key command to easily switch between plugin windows.
Link: Tabbed Windows For VSTs & VSTis
15 :x: NO Add the ability to fine-tune automation points by pressing a key while dragging them.
Link: Fine tuning for automation points
16 :x: NO Add the ability to Search through Preferences
Link : Searcheable Preferences
17 :x: NO Add additional commands for MixConsole visibility
Link : Mixconsole: Visibility Suggestions (with screenshots)
18 :x: NO Ability to expand Group Tracks, in order to display the tracks that are routed to them.
Link : Expandable Group Tracks
19 :x: NO Add a Ripple Editing feature for a more convenient dialogue editing.
Link : Ripple Edit
20 :x: NO Make it possible to select Instrument Tracks based on their actual audio output in the Logical Editor.
Link : Logical Editor cannot select Instrument Tracks based on their audio output
21 :x: NO Set Track Height Limits per Track Type in preferences, as well as, individual track height lock. First reຊuest for this dates back to 2013 - see link
Link : Set Track Height Limits, Track Height Lock
22 :x: NO Disabling MIDI Chase PER TRACK
Link : Disabling MIDI Chase Per Track
23 :x: NO Export Selected Tracks as MIDI File
Link : Export Selected Tracks as MIDI File
24 :x: NO Video Window “Always On Top”
Link : Video Window "Always On Top
25 :x: NO Dedicated Folder For .BAK Files
Link : BAK Files: A life-saver that should have its own dedicated folder
26 :x: NO Add vertical zoom with Key+Mouse Wheel
Link : Vertical zoom with the Wheel
27 :x: NO SOLO or MUTEan Instrument Track should not mute MIDI output to Virtual Instrument
Link : SOLO and MUTE operation send midi on an off
28 :x: NO SAC 2.2 controller integration
Link : SAC 2.2 controller support
29 :x: NO Missing popup window when editing automation with range tool or the displayed handles between two automation points.
Link : No Pop up window with dB values when changing automation
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Blank news hub with C12
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Cubase 12.0.20 maintenance update available
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Selecting an Event or toggling Musical Mode can make the Sample Editor perform a zoom out
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