Wilcards and repeat behaviour in multi-movement pieces

I’m a musical theatre composer, so I need to create books that contain all the songs in the show. Currently, in Sibelius, I do this by making each song in a separate file and using Acrobat to compile them and do my page numbering. Ideally, I would do this in Sibelius, but due to my use of wildcards and repeating headers this isn’t possible.

For example, Song 1 is “Opening Number” - when I get to page 25 where I want Song 1a: “Opening Number Playoff” to start, my header with the $TITLE\ wildcard text is still present. Ideally, I would be able to specify that either a) this text should repeat for x number of pages, or b) starting from p. 25, the title is now “Opening Number Playoff”, and this is a “first page” so don’t show this text.

I’m not sure if I explained that scenario very well, but do you imagine this sort of situation would be handled well by Dorico?

Yes, this should be handled seamlessly by the text token substitutions in Dorico: each flow can have its own title, and the running headers/footers will show the appropriate title. This isn’t implemented today, but I expect it to be done by the time of the first release, all being well.

Have text tokens, aka “wildcards” been implemented in the 1.0 release?