Wild MIDI issues Cubase 12

Made a new project with Cubase Pro 12. I’m having very strange and disruptive issues with some VST instruments that I’ve never encountered before, and when I opened the project in Cubase Pro 11, THE SAME ISSUES HAPPENED.
On all the VST synths, they made very loud low frequency rumbles and sometime cracks and pops constantly, even with no MIDI data being transmitted. I have a Novation Launchkey 49 Mk2, the rumble continued whether or not the Novation controller was plugged in or not. Padshop, Retrologue, Absynth, Flux, all did it. I closed Cubase and reopened the project. I restarted my computer, got the same results.
I switched the input routing for all the synth VST’s from “MIDI IN 2 (Launchkey MK2 49)” to “2- Launckey MK2 49” and the rumble stopped. But now some of the synths and the Fredonia Organ VST (plays in Kontak ) are infinitely sustaining some of the notes (but not all!). I double checked to make sure there was no sustain data in the sustain controller lane. Unplugging the sustain pedal has no effect. The only way to stop the sustained notes is to disable the track. When I play the tracks again, the sustaining issue starts again. Switching the input routing again, now has no effect. I can’t recreate the rumble, but the infinite sustain happens no matter what the input routing is, Even if the MIDI routing is “Not Connected”.
Strangely, other VST’s seem to be fine. Hollywood Choir in the Opus engine works fine.
Anyone else having similar issues?
Edit: I’d rather not uninstall Cubase 11 and 12 and reinstall 11, but that’s what I’ll have to try soon.

In addition to sustain, this could be caused by hung notes (Note ON received but no corresponding Note OFF). Also: rumbling = very low notes?

It can indeed be a symptom of external hardware controllers - especially they’re operating via Mackie control mode or similar protocols (which use MIDI Note messages, pitch bends etc. for other controller purposes including some on/off type of buttons).

If you’re still seeing this, after physically unplugging all of your external hardware controllers, is there any chance, that there’s a midi track (possibly even hidden) that inadvertently recorded some of those note messages and is now still sending them to the affected tracks?

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I’ve mostly fixed the issues. The rumble was indeed caused by a very low note. Somehow there was a continuous string of C 0’s written.
The infinite sustain is happening on any notes going outputting on MIDI channel 4, which I had set up on some expression maps. I switched the MIDI channel so my instruments are usable, but I still have no idea why MIDI channel 4 is doing that.

Talk about weird issues
How about opening a blank project with your audio card or box switched off
The average and peak meters showing 25% activity
I discovered this because i imported a midi file into Cubase 12 without audio switched on as i just use the Yamaha driver for the Genos to edit a midi song in Cubase 12.
No Audio , the meters should be zero

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