Wild MIDI notes

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right area and hopefully, I explain this correctly.

Ok, I have Cubase 9.5. For the most part, it works very well. I somehow must have screwed with and screwed up some settings in MIDI. Whenever I move or edit one note, one or two adjacent notes moves as well, sometimes in opposite directions. Most of my MIDI are chords so here’s an exmple; let’s say I played a C minor. If I adjust the C, the E flat may move as well, some the G will also do some wonky movement.

What did I screw up?


Does the track follow the Chord Track?

No, there is no chord track. Some setting got screwed up somehow because this happens on all projects, new and old.


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Ok, did it in safe mode. While I was not able to hear anything, I was able to play and record some MIDI notes. I tried editing them by moving them as normal and they moved normally without screwing up the other notes so the problem is in the preferences somewhere. The question is, where?

Hard to guess… Could you post a screenshots of the MIDI Preferences you have?

No I Can’t at the time. Can you perhaps offer some suggestions and point me in the direction of MIDI preferences?

And another thing, it’s doing crazy stuff with MIDI events. If I draw in an event ahead of an existing event, it moves the existing back so the new one lines up where the existing one was and now the existing one is back too far and out of place. For example; let’s say I have an event from bar 4 to bar 16. If I draw a new event in front of it to manually add notes at bar 2, it will move the beginning of the new event to bar 4 and push the existing back to bar 6 to start at bar 6. I can’t imagine why I’d want this feature but it’s making the normally very easy job of working with MIDI very nerve racking.

I would recommend to trash the whole Preferences and start with a fresh one.

Ok, how exactly do I do that? I’ve never had to do it before.


Follow this article, please.

That didn’t work and it got rid of stuff I wish it hadn’t.

Sorry, could you be more specific, please? What happened?

I’ll try again; what continues to happen are a couple of things. The first is, if I edit MIDI notes in the editor, other notes I didn’t touch also move. Let’s say I have two notes note quite on the beat or bar. When I move them, the notes behind them (to the right) jump forward. Sometimes a note above or below it jumps up or down as well as forward. If I create an event, it takes the entire length between the left and right locators. If I try to resize that event, the entire thing moves. It jumps to either the beginning or the ending.

All of this has made working with MIDI impossible.

Sorry, I was thinking if you could be more specific in this.

Is the issue reproducible in all projects or just in a specific one? Could you attach affected project or at least one affected track/part?

Could you provide a video?

Jesus. I guess I’m on my own with this one because I don’t know how else to explain it.

I do understand your explanation. I just hope if you provide the project or the video, I will see something what doesn’t come to my mind when I just try to imagine. Something what you don’t mention at all because you don’t expect it’s linked with the issue. It happens… Thanks.

Are you editing notes with the mouse or a MIDI controller?

With a mouse. I play them with a controller but when I go to edit them with my mouse, all of the above happens.