Wild sync issues after recording an new midi and audio part

I have been using sequencers (daws) since the commodore 64 era. I had used Cubase for many years but then switched to Ableton…now back to Cubase. Specifically I’m running on Cubase Pro 11.

My issue is this…the program is a sequencer…if it can’t do that function it is a waste of time. Now I know there are people much more skilled than myself, and most will shudder at my question…but its happened many times at the most inappropriate times.

Actual Issue

I can not for the life of me figure out how things go so horribly out of sync in this app. I am not Hans Zimmer, I could careless about if a sample needs to be stretched to match the tempo.

I have been working on this track for several weeks now. it has 50+ tracks. Some live performances (most), all at 48k 32 bit. Everything is tight so I’m working on mixing. I have a powerful mac so horsepower is not an issue. I decided today that I needed to record a midi track, and an audio track. mind you I have been workin on this for weeks with no problem. So I record the midi part, sounds good excellent. I record the guitar part…great. I reactivate all of the tracks only to find the lead vocal track is off by a sixteenth not (I never touched it) One of the background tracks is off by a 32th note. all of the audio tracks went immediately out of sync and I have no idea why. I undo the recording and much to my surprise everything remained out of sync. So Im on a deadline…now my mix is all over the place and I have no idea how to get it back. This is the second major production I have done that I have had this occur. And dont even get me going on how even free daws tempo match imported samples with out doing all kinds of freakin hitpoint, variaudio BS. I understand this is a pro level daw and there are some people that actually get all this, and can make anything work. But why dosen’t this come with a stupid guy button at the top the simple keeps things where I put them…tempo match tracks automatically so I can audition them without having to go in and sync everything with warp markers only to find It doesnt really work with the track.

So basically I have a deadline of wednesday, the client has heard the premix and loved it. I added a few new parts and now the project is so out of control and I don’t have the slightest idea how to fix it.

If anybody has any suggestions other than get a fisher-price piano, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,