Will 1.2.10 work with Mojave?

Perhaps I’m being a bit thick, but I did a search for the word Mojave and read all eighty-some posts that used the word, but cannot deduce from them the answer to my question, so I’ll simply ask the question and request a simple answer:

Will my Dorico version 1.2.10 continue to work properly if I upgrade my operating system from High Sierra to Mojave?



There may be some font issues, where Bold and Roman fonts look ‘swapped’ on screen (i.e. Bold looks Roman and vice versa); but printing is unaffected. It’s possible that there may be other issues on 1.2 that have been fixed in 2.1.

However, if you really want to ‘embrace’ Dorico, then the improvements and new features in v2 are essential, along with the platform bug fixes.

I would personally recommend against moving to Mojave unless you’re also willing to update to Dorico 2, with its attendant expense. Sorry about that!

Thanks, Daniel. That’s what I needed to know. Can’t afford the update to Dorico yet. Hopefully soon. (I’m also going to get Noteperformer at the same time as the upgrade, so it’s a total of a major outlay for me.)