Will 6-5 .cpr songs still open in Cubase 9?

I currently have Cubase 6-5 but am thinking of getting Cubase 9, the question is if I do so, will I still be able to open my Cubase 6-5 cpr songs in Cubase 9? If not, does anybody know what I might have to do to them to make them compatible with the current Cubase (9)?

Thanks very much if anyone can help.

The .cpr files themselves (and any audio files they contain) will open just fine, but Cubase 9 will no longer load 32-bit plugins/instruments… there is no longer the VST Bridge. But the 3rd-party jBridge can still be used (or “32 Lives” on Mac)
Are your native Cubase 6.5 projects 32-bit or 64-bit? If 32-bit, try to get them to open in Cubase 6.5, 64-bit first, if necessary, loading any 32-bit plugins via jBridge, then Save as a new Project. It should then be able to load into Cubase 9 :wink: