Will 7.06 open a project made in 7.5?



Aloha J, just read your post

1-C7.07 (not 06) up-and -running.
2-Opened a track done in C7.5 (all VST no audio)
3-C7.07 opened and played the track just fine and the only
warning message was about C7.07 not being able to find the plug-in ‘Magneto’.

Good Luck!

Hi Jeff, I’m also opening a 7.5.30 project in 7.0.7 here (it previously did in 7.0.2 as well). That project actually opened fine even in 6.5 and 5.5.
But curteye is correct, the plug-ins set is specific to a version’s installation, so plug-ins introduced in 7.5 won’t be available in 7.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Understand about the plugs, of course…

Since when did you guys start instituting backward compatibility? Years ago (blue forum), people had been asking for this, and SB basically told everyone to get lost… :laughing: