Will a 2MB ADSL Speed Work?

Hi All.

Currently I’m lucky to have a very fast (Fibre) internet connection but I’m thinking of moving the studio to somewhere more rural. I’ve had an ISP test the phone line of the new place and it seems that the best they can do is 2MB download speed ADSL (possibly ADSL2 - not sure). Do you think that speed might work for VST Connect Pro work? I’m not sure of the upload speed for the line. Obviously I’d be hard wired into the router.




Just this past week I started trying to work with Connect. Typically my (wireless) cable connection is running between 25 and 30Mbps. Sometimes my connection speed will drop (the speed changes are external and not related to the connection being wireless). One day I was having a lot of VST Connect droputs, checked my speed, and found my speed had dropped to 4 or 5Mbps.

With my wireless setup, 2Mbps would not be fast enough. Could be different with your hard wired connection.


Download speed is usually not of concern, but upload speed is, and unfortunately that is usually much lower. VST Connect requires at least 384 kBits/sec upstream.

Thanks for the replies and advice. I’ve also looked at satellite ADSL which promises 20MB down and 6MB up - so not too bad - but I wonder about the delay it might introduce especially with a real time system like VST Connect. Well it looks like I am moving house so I suppose we shall see! :slight_smile: I’ll report back once I get it up and running. Wish me luck!

sure, so: good luck :slight_smile:
When recording, network delays are not of concern because they are entirely compendated for, and recording is sample accurate even when the delay is significant. You can increase the remote latency setting (usually around one second) should that not be sufficient.