Will affirming DLA code to account negate grace period?

will affirming DLA code to my account negate grace period?


anyone? was hoping for a quick answer…

…and was hoping… to use the plugin vouchers without negating the Cubase grace period…

but perhaps this is Steinbergs new strategy to stop people from doing this? :stuck_out_tongue:

What grace period are you even referring to? There is no current grace period, and the next paid update could be in 18 months for all we know.

If you’re asking if the product registers when you register it, then yes, Of course it does - that’s what you’re doing.

Offering free plugins for existing customers, and grace periods for people who unknowingly pay for software shortly before it’s superseded are not strategy’s to restrict people - they are simply goodwill gestures.

Both can be true? It can be a good will gesture and also a way to get people to validate their Cubase.

Of coarse, it’s always a gamble if you are hoping to validate within the grace period because no one ever really knows… Just as the last major release was delayed. For myself, I don’t really need to start using Cubase 12 right now, but I wanted to get it while it’s on sale and also get the free plugins.

Was just curious if I could get the plugin vouchers activated without activating Cubase 12.

Just to clarify on that - I thought, it was the actual license activation of Cubase to the account which would negate the grace period mechanic and not the DLA code… and thus, are the plugin vouchers activated via the DLA, or are they activated via the license activation?

You need to have Cubase as a registered product in your account to get the vouchers. Activation is separate from that, and controlled on a per-machine basis.

So no, I doubt you can register the same purchased product twice into your account 18 months apart to take advantage of goodwill gestures.